Misjudged email marketing

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Nowadays the use of email seems outdated for majority of people. Despite on how many usable and more effective services was created, email is still irreplaceable in our world.
Because of the frauds shenanigans its reputation went down, going back to the old days. Email is still active part of advertising campaigns. No wonder, because email marketing has so many advantages. You can try combine email-marketing with Facebook accounts farm.
Users. It goes without saying, that social networks can brag their amount of users, but the loyalty of email users is bigger, just because they agreed for mailings. No doubts about effectiveness of such advertisement type.
Data & Marketing Association confirmed that email marketing is main income source for many organizations with the use such ad mailings service. Emails are still in the middle of the road with customer's needs while making a purchase. If a customer contact is not sufficient with organization contact, just because of low email advertisement, you are losing potential income.
Accessibility. More than 54% of users looking their mails with mobile devices, doesn't matter if it's day or night time. In contrast to news feed in social networks, email news feed could be read far longer. Main thing, is to make it catchy, vary from others, turned on someone.
Majority of organizations are underestimating such marketing method and not working on it at all, due to what they are loosing money. Even lowest mailing will bring a profit, which is proportionate to upward the advertisement quality.

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