Proxy setting in TweetAttacks Pro for Twitter

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Proxy setting in TweetAttacks Pro for Twitter

The TweetAttacks Pro service helps you run a business or personal blog on Twitter much more efficiently. At the same time, setting up a proxy will help you secure your account, bypass blocking, and not expose your real IP address.

At first glance, Twitter is not the most prominent platform for promoting goods and services, but some SMM specialists, brands, and bloggers still use this social network for marketing purposes. TweetAttacks Pro with a configured proxy server will help you promote your account much faster. Below we give detailed instructions on enabling a proxy in TweetAttack Pro.

Why you should use a proxy for TweetAttacks Pro

With a connected proxy, the risk of account blocking is reduced, and you can safely use all the functions of the TweetAttacks Pro service. It works as a registrar of Twitter accounts, allows you to maintain many pages, automatically follow and unfollow users, analyze statistics, and much more.

Setting up a proxy in TweetAttacks Pro will hide your IP address, it is useful if you have multiple Twitter accounts at once. So each account will have its address attached as if different people run these pages from different devices.

Video guide for setting up a proxy in TweetAttacksPro for Twitter

Tutorial for setting up a proxy in TweetAttacks Pro

When you have added an account to the program, proceed to set up a proxy. For this:

  1. Click the "Manage" button and select "Twitter Accounts" from the list.
  2. 1.png


  3. Enter your Twitter username, password, and IP address.
  4. 3.png

  5. Now click on "Save and Close".
  6. 4.png

If you have a list of proxy servers in a text document, then follow these steps:

  1. Click on "Manage" and select "Twitter Accounts" from the list.
  2. At the top, find and click on "Import Proxies".
  3. Select the desired file, and all proxies will appear in your program.
  4. Click on "Save and Close".

You have set up a proxy for TweetAttacks Pro. If you are still thinking about which proxies to choose for promoting on Twitter, we recommend using a personal proxy server for each of your accounts.