Setting up proxies in Oxy Proxy Manager for Chrome and Android

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    Oxy Proxy offers a browser extension and a mobile app for Android. These tools make it simple to configure proxies and change your IP address. With just one click, you can add and switch between multiple proxies. To redirect traffic to a mobile app or access the Internet from a mobile device, download the Oxy Proxy Manager app from the Play Store. For browsing, like managing multiple accounts on social networks or web services, use the Oxy Proxy Extension. This article will guide you through configuring a proxy in each of these tools.

    How to configure proxies in Oxy Proxy Manager in Chrome

    The addon is available for installation from the official Google extension store. Once installed, pin it to your browser panel for easy access, then follow these steps:

    1. Click on the addon icon and select “Add new proxy”.



    2. A new page will open where you can fill in your proxy details. Choose a name and select the protocol your proxy supports.


    3. Enter the IP-address and port in the designated fields.


    4. If your proxy requires authorization, fill in the username and password fields under the “Credentials” section.


    5. Click on “Save Changes”.


    6. Open a new tab and click on the addon icon. The proxies are not yet connected, so click on “Connect”.


    7. Check if the IP address has changed using an IP checker website. If it matches what you configured, then everything is set up correctly.


    You're all set! Now you can access previously blocked sites due to geo-restrictions and manage multiple profiles on social networks, among other tasks in your browser. To disable the proxy, simply click on the addon icon and select “Disconnect”.


    How to configure proxies in Oxy Proxy Manager for Android

    To set up a proxy in the mobile application, follow these simple steps after downloading and installing it:

    1. Launch the application and tap on the “Add new proxy” button on the main screen.


    2. Set a name for your proxy for easy identification if you plan to add multiple IP addresses.


    3. Select the proxy protocol and enter your IP-address and port in designated fields.


    4. In the “Credentials” section, enter your username and password if you are using private proxies. Then, tap on the “Create” button. The proxy will now appear in the list on the main screen, but it will not be active yet.



    5. To activate the proxy, simply tap on it.


    6. To ensure everything is set up correctly, visit any IP-address checker website and verify the connection.


    That's it. You've learned how to configure a proxy in Oxy Proxy Manager for Android. This allows you to bypass geo-restrictions on mobile apps or games, browse anonymously, and access blocked sites and services.