What are proxies for web scraping used for

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Scraping sites is an integral part of the process of SEO-promotion of sites and pages. With the help of scraping, SEO specialists can analyze large amounts of information on the Internet, compose a semantic core and collect all the necessary data. But if the search engine detects frequent requests from one IP address in a short period of time, you run the risk of being blocked. To get around this and similar restrictions, proxies will help.

Web Scraping proxies: paid or free?

All proxies for scraping can be divided into two large groups: paid and free. The former is characterized by stable speed, anonymity, send to a buyer, reliably hide your real IP address. Free proxies are in the public domain, so almost everyone uses them, and they quickly “fly off”. Free proxies are not suitable for comfortable scraping, with them you run the risk of being blocked. Often free proxies are already blacklisted, so using them can only do harm.

To make the right choice, it is important to understand proxy types.

Why do you need proxies for scraping

The sphere of SEO-promotion is developing rapidly, more and more software is being created to facilitate the difficult work of SEO-optimizers. One of the most effective scraping software is ScrapeBox. When scraping through this or other programs, search engines display captcha, ban or blacklist it. Since blocking is done by IP address, it can be avoided by using a proxy server.

Using a scraping proxy, you can:

  • automate scraping;
  • speed ​​up the processing of statistics.
  • work without the need to regularly enter captcha;
  • eliminate the possibility of getting banned;
  • avoid regional restrictions and blocks;
  • secure anonymous web surfing.

Proxy use recommendations

To scrape with a proxy as efficient as possible, we recommend following the following rules:

  1. For scraping, IPv4 or IPv6 with support for HTTP, SOCKS4, SOCKS5 is suitable.
  2. The address must be selected by paying attention to the geolocation of proxy. For example, if you scrape keys for Moscow, then the physical IP address must be located in Russia.
  3. Buy a package of IP addresses and use them at the same time. Then the number of requests from each address will be many times less, due to which the risk of captcha appearance is minimal.
  4. Give preference to private proxies, they have a high-speed connection and are not used by anyone except you.

You can purchase high-quality proxies for scraping on our website. If you still have questions, our experienced specialists will answer it.