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Frequently asked questions:

Can I request proxies from multiple networks or subnets?

Absolutely. Our proxies come from a variety of different subnets, and we are happy to replace any that do not meet your needs.

Can I choose proxies based on a specific city or state/region?

Yes, it's possible to select proxies by city or state/region. However, this feature is not yet available in all countries. If you need a specific location, please contact our support team after purchasing the proxy and we will assist you in selecting the desired city or state/region.

Are proxy replacements available if I pay for multiple months?

As a valued customer, we offer the option to change your proxies once a month upon request if you pay for proxies for multiple months. This is in addition to the discounts that are provided for periods longer than one month.

Do discounts for longer use periods and larger quantities add up?

Absolutely. Discounts for longer usage periods and bigger number of IPs are combined. For instance, if you purchase 100 IPv4 proxies for a 12 months, you will receive a 42% discount: 30% for the number of IPs and 12% for the usage period.

How often do you update your proxies?

We make every effort to update our server pool regularly to better serve our clients. This includes adding new subnets and expanding our list of available locations. Currently, we offer proxies from over 50 countries and approximately 800 subnets.

Are your proxies shared or individual?

Our site offers exclusively individual proxies. This ensures that you can use them without worrying about the actions of others that could lead to negative consequences.

How long does it take to receive proxies after making a payment?

We understand that your time is valuable and strive to provide proxies promptly. Most orders are issued automatically, and if your email is not excluded from auto-issue, you should receive your proxies instantly. In some cases, the selection of IP addresses may take a few minutes. If you do not receive your proxies within 30 minutes, please contact our support team for assistance.

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If you are having problems accessing Origin due to regional block or provider restrictions, buying private proxies on the Proxy-Seller website can quickly solve this problem. With a proxy for Origin, bypassing the restrictions set by the administration of a gaming online server is easy and simple. Thanks to the sent IP address, you can:

  • download games at high speed;
  • buy a game that has long been dreamed of;
  • register new accounts;
  • protect your account from the brute force, and personal data from scammers;
  • farm and upgrade your account, making a real profit;
  • bypass regional and local restrictions (play in the office, at school, at work).

For Origin, it is best to buy proxies from England, the USA and Canada, with them you can easily download almost any game. You can have fun with Origin proxies anytime, anywhere.

Proxy-Seller: profitable proxies for Origin with up to 52% discount

We have been represented on the proxy market for more than 7 years, and our experts really know which IP is ideal for your purposes. In addition, choosing proxies for you, we pay attention to wishes for cost, type of protocol, rental period. You can buy proxies for Origin for a week, month, year, six months or another period. Keep in mind that renting a large IP package for the long term, we offer discounts of up to 52% - a great opportunity to save money and ensure uninterrupted gaming service for a long time.

After paying for the proxy, you will receive it in a couple of minutes, and our experts will help you configure it remotely through the TeamViewer program. After that, you can immerse yourself in a fascinating game world without worrying about being banned or blocked. Our proxies are completely anonymous, they hide all information about the user, including location data.

Advantages of buying proxies at Proxy-Seller

Choosing Proxy-Seller to buy a proxy, you get:

  1. Stable connection 1 Gb/s. Forget about traffic restrictions, freezes, and lags!
  2. Technical support 24/7. Yes, we continuously monitor the stability of your proxies. Having a problem? Contact us at any time of the day or night to fix problems - we will solve everything quickly and without delay.
  3. Refunds and exchange proxies. You can return the proxy or exchange it within 24 hours after authorization if for some reason it did not suit you.
  4. The ability to replace IP. Once a month, our clients can change proxies upon request.
  5. Choice of 400 networks / 800 subnets. Want a proxy in New York, Toronto or Ottawa? No problem! We have a large selection, we will satisfy the needs of each client.

Proxies orders are sent as quickly as possible - in just a couple of minutes after payment. Want to rent a proxy for Origin right now? Contact our specialists for help or choose a ready-made package.