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Up to 40,000 ports simultaneously
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Residential IPs
More than 15 million residential IPs sourced globally, offering unrestricted speed and flow. Precise targeting down to the city and ISP levels

Our stable servers are continuously monitored, including intelligent load balancers

The high trust indicator enabling you to bypass various types of blocks, and emulate human actions safely, eliminating the risk of getting blocked

More than 220 countries

Access highly reliable and clean proxies from ISPs globally to visit any Internet resources



Chris H.


Very, very satisfied with the service, we buy here ISP format proxies and the quality of the proxies is excellent. The speed and cleanliness are excellent, very happy with the purchase.

Residential proxies are top quality! Very convenient functionality and clean proxies. Good support. Can't single out anything negative, the service is very, very good.

Gane Chau

As someone who has been buying datacenter proxies for social media, I use one proxy per account. I find that 9 out of 10 proxies work without any problems, which is a very good result in my experience. However, in the rare instances where there are problematic proxies, the proxy-seller often changes them without any questions.

Samuel Ezeoye


Great proxies at reasonable prices. I have worked with different proxy providers and in comparison I realize that proxyseller works at a very, very good level. We buy a lot of proxies, different types of proxies, and mostly have no problems at all. There are some small drawbacks and I will talk about them below, but believe me, for long term work the service is excellent.

Mary Khan


Prices on this site are pretty affordable, considering the various discounts (which are quite often here by the way and it's nice), The monthly price for me is only 2.04 USD per month when buying a proxy package, this is when I buy proxies of medium segment - ISP, and this is a good enough price in my opinion. Super-quality tech support, they even connected to me via AnyDesk for proxy setup which is rare in my experience. I was specifically helped in this issue by Mark. This is 5 stars for sure, because at the moment this is the best proxy provider I have tried and I hope it will continue to be.

Frequently asked questions:

What are the benefits of using residential proxies?

Residential proxies represent real user IP addresses, ensuring high levels of anonymity. When you choose any subscription plan, you gain access to a vast pool of countries and IP addresses. The only restriction is the bandwidth included in your chosen package.

In which format residential proxies are available?

In any format that is convenient for you. Additionally, there's an option to customize the export template. You can either obtain the proxy list in a file or via a link, depending on your preference.

I'm interested in US residential proxies. How can I get them?

Given that you have access to the complete proxy pool, you can generate a list or multiple lists of proxies specific to any country, and even narrow it down to a particular state, city, or provider within the US.

How many IPs will I receive after making a payment?

Once you select and pay for your desired tariff plan, you'll gain access to the comprehensive proxy pool spanning over 220 countries.

What methods of authorization does this type offer?

The service provides standard authorization methods: either through a username & password or using an IP whitelist.

Can I purchase additional bandwidth while I'm using the service?

Absolutely. You can either upgrade your current tariff plan or just buy the required amount of traffic. Additionally, there's an auto-renewal option available.

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Achieve maximum efficiency and anonymity with residential proxies from Proxy-Seller! Our service offers a unique opportunity to tailor proxy placement according to your specific needs. Choose from an array of locations such as World Mix, Europe, Asia, North America, Latin America and Caribbean, Africa, Oceania, or even create your own custom region, country, or city.

We provide various proxy rotation options to align with your objectives: rotate by time (every 5/10/15/30/60 minutes), rotate with each request, or opt for no rotation at all.

Select the proxy format/protocols that fulfill your requirements, such as username:password:host:port, host:port:username:password, or any other specific option you need. We offer both HTTP(s) and SOCKS5 protocols to ensure the best user experience.

With up to 40,000 ports created in the proxy list, you can work simultaneously, employing ethically sourced residential proxies with any software or directly in your browser.

Benefits of residential proxies

  1. Anonymity: Residential proxies offer heightened anonymity since they use real IP addresses provided by regular residential ISPs.
  2. Minimized blocking: The use of residential proxies lowers the risk of being blocked, as they are more challenging to detect, ensuring smooth operation.
  3. Authenticity: Residential proxies' IP addresses have a higher trust level, enhancing their credibility with servers and online resources.
  4. Broad location choices: Customize your proxy's placement by selecting from various regions, countries, or even specific cities to match your needs.
  5. Flexible rotation options: Choose from a wide range of proxy rotation options, including rotation by time interval or per url request.
  6. Support for up to 40,000 ports: We provide the ability to work with a large number of ports simultaneously for optimal performance.
  7. Expert support: Our professional team stands ready to assist with any questions and to ensure stable proxy operation tailored to your requirements.

With premium residential proxies from Proxy-Seller, you acquire a trustworthy and efficient networking tool with both high-level security and enhanced anonymity.