Step-by-step proxy settings in RankerX

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Promoting sites to the top of search engine results has long been performed automatically using specialized software such as RankerX. This approach saves a lot of time.

What is RankerX

RankerX is a software kit of high-quality tools for fast and effective SEO promotion of sites in search engines, which is based on multi-accounting and data scraping.

The simultaneous use of a vast number of profiles from one device raises the question of whether RankerX is safe. For uninterrupted work, you will need proxies for RankerX, how to configure them in this software we will tell you further.

Video guide for setting up a proxy in RankerX

Setting up a RankerX proxy

The best type of proxies for RankerX are private ones with a high-speed channel. You can buy private proxies for RankerX at They are provided exclusively to one user with a guarantee that they have not been used anywhere before, and are also supplied with speed channels of 1 Gb/s.

RankerX tutorial for adding proxy servers

  1. In the main menu located on the left side of the program window, select “Options”.
  2. Go to the “Proxy” tab, check the box for using a proxy (check the “Use proxy for submission” box), and click on the “+Add Proxies” button.
  3. In the “Add Proxies” window that opens, copy or type in the parameters of the proxy servers (IP address, port, username, and password, if necessary) separated by a colon, each from a new line, and then click on the “Add” button.
  4. After adding the proxy, you can check it for operability. To do this, check the boxes near to proxies you want to check and click on the “Check Proxies” button.

By adding the required number of proxies (one IP per account), RankerX content scraping will be performed quickly and as safely as possible. So you protect accounts from bans and blocks.