Setting up a proxy in the MuLogin browser

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MuLogin is popular among businesses and IT professionals for its multi-account browsing capabilities, which make it easy to manage multiple accounts across various web services and social networks.

Another standout feature of MuLogin is its anti-detection functionality, designed to enhance anonymity, security, and bypass tracking systems online. Here are the additional features of the MuLogin browser:

  • It allows you to open multiple windows or tabs, each with its profile and accounts.
  • The browser isolates cookies and data storage per tab or window, preventing data transfer between accounts.
  • You can synchronize bookmarks, passwords, and other data between different profiles or devices.
  • It allows you to change the UserAgent, including PC characteristics, operating system version and type, screen resolution, and more.
  • The browser provides tools for hiding the real IP address and routing traffic through proxy servers or virtual private networks for anonymity.
  • MuLogin can change the fingerprint, including the time zone and browser language.

Anti-detection browsers like this can be used by those seeking privacy online, as well as by professional marketers, website testers, and analysts.

How to set up a proxy in the MuLogin browser

  1. Download the browser from the official website and launch it. Open the “Browser List” tab and click the “Add browser” button.


  2. You will be redirected to the “Basic Configuration” window. Scroll to the “Proxy Settings” tab.


  3. In the new window, set the name, IP address, and port of the proxy server, as well as the username and password for user authentication.


  4. To check the functionality of the Internet connection with the specified parameters, click the “Check the Network” button.


  5. You can configure your proxy for each individual website. While remaining in the main menu click the “Rocket” icon.


  6. Click “Paste proxy information”, then change the IP-address and port to the required ones. Once done, click the “Complete” button.


That’s it, your setup is complete. Using a proxy allows you to work with multiple accounts simultaneously under different IPs without the need to constantly log in and out.