Setting up a proxy in Serposcope software for SEO

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Serposcope is an online service whose main task is to monitor in detail the ratings of web pages indicated by users in the Google search engine, and their positions in the search results.

Serposcope overview

With proxy servers, searching for competitors by keywords using Serposcope is performed automatically as quickly as possible. In addition, users will be able to:

  • Effectively track the specified keywords on all available sites;
  • Generate reports for any convenient date;
  • Localize search by countries, regions, and cities;
  • Compare positions with competitors.

Serposcope proxy

Many people ask which proxy I should set for Serposcope? We recommend buying private proxies for Serposcope at, which have 1 Gb/s speed channels, as well as reliable protection and a high level of anonymity. The provided IP addresses are ideal for completing Serposcope tasks quickly and efficiently.

Serposcope proxy settings

Serposcope instructions for adding proxy servers are pretty simple.

  1. Go to the window for adding proxy servers, there are two ways to do this selecting the “Proxies” item in the left vertical menu or clicking on it in the “SETTINGS” section in the main workspace.
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  3. In the proxy settings window, click the “Add proxy” button to add proxy server parameters (proxy type, IP address, and port).
  4. 2.1.png

  5. In the window for adding new proxies, write each of them in a new line in the format: proxy type#IP-address#port, and then click on the “Save” button.
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  7. In the proxy settings window, there is an opportunity to check their operability, and delete non-working or selected ones at your discretion using the corresponding menu buttons.
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