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Our company has been a reliable and stable source of income since 2015, with hundreds of partners around the world and individualized conditions to fit your needs.

commission from the first payment made by a new user you refer.
commission on all subsequent purchases made by your referrals.




  • Order statistics
  • Purchase price details
  • Referred client information
  • Monthly and daily exports

Applicable to

  • Residential proxies (50% commission, up to $2500 per referral)
  • IPv4 proxies (30% on first, 10% on subsequent orders)
  • IPv6 proxies (30% on first, 10% on subsequent orders)
  • ISP (30% on first, 10% on subsequent orders)
  • Mobile LTE proxies (10% on first, 3% on subsequent orders)

Referral Methods

  • By URL
  • By coupon code


  • No minimum withdrawal amount
  • Popular payment systems for withdrawal
  • Minimum hold period - 5 days
  • Permanent client association

How our affiliate program works


Attracting a client through a referral providers

  • Assigning referrals to referral givers
  • Commissions from first and subsequent purchases

Attracting a client with a coupon code

  • Attracting clients with coupon code
  • Static discount for customer purchases
  • Assigning clients to referral providers
  • Successful client payment
  • Service renewal by client

Commission accrual


Withdrawal of commissions

In any convenient way



How to start earning on your affiliate program?

If you want to start earning money through our affiliate program, you can sign up on our website and receive both your unique referral link and referral coupon in your personal account.

What do I need to do to start earning money through the affiliate program?

To start earning money through the affiliate program, all you need to do is share your referral link or coupon code on any resource that is convenient for you. This can include forums, social media, YouTube videos or channels, your own website, and more.

Are there any restrictions on the use of proxies and affiliate program?

Yes, there are restrictions on the use of proxies for specific purposes as well as restrictions for affiliates. You can find detailed information about these restrictions on the affiliate program page.

What percentage will I earn from my referred customers' purchases?

For every first purchase of IPv4, IPv6, or ISP proxies from a new client, you'll earn a 30% commission. Subsequent purchases by the same client will generate a 10% commission for you. We offer customized commission rates for our large partners. Different rates apply for Mobile and Residential proxies: for mobile proxies, the commission is 10% on the first purchase and 3% on subsequent purchases. For residential proxies, you receive a 50% commission on each order, with a maximum of $2500 per referral.

How can I receive the earned funds?

You can withdraw your earned funds by requesting a withdrawal to a PayPal - 20$, Litecoin - 20$, Ethereum - 20$, USDT (TRC20) - 20$, USD Coin (USDC) - 20$, Visa/Mastercard - 10$, Bitcoin, Qiwi, Perfect Money.

After my referred client pays on your site, will the funds be immediately credited to my balance?

In case of the successful payment by your client, the funds will be immediately credited to your affiliate balance, but they will be available for withdrawal after 5 days of hold.

Will I receive payment immediately after requesting a withdrawal?

Payment of funds is typically processed within 24 hours from the time the withdrawal request is submitted.

Can I make a purchase using my own referral link?

Yes, you can make a purchase using your own referral link. However, please note that you will not earn any referral commissions on this purchase, as it will be considered a self-referral.

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