Facebook has blocked the account. Reasons for blocking and solving the problem

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Facebook has blocked an account

Why did Facebook block accounts? What to do when the profile is already banned? How to promote multiple Facebook accounts without the risk of blocking? You will receive answers to these and other important questions below.

9 common reasons why Facebook blocks accounts

There may be a variety of reasons for blocking your Facebook profile. Below are 9 of the most common:

  1. The second Facebook account - social network vs double play. If in case of blocking you cannot provide a screenshot of your passport with the same first name and last name that are indicated in the profile, then the ban on your Facebook account will not disappear.
  2. Using someone else photo.
  3. Change of personal data - this should be done no more than once a month.
  4. Frequent invites to friends - you can invite no more than 15 people a day (generally a limit of 20, but it better not to risk it). At the same time, a personal profile can have no more than 5000 friends, but an unlimited number of subscribers.
  5. Spam - if you are going to send the same messages, it is better to create a Facebook account specifically for these purposes. Soon after the start of spam, it will be banned, so it more logical to redirect people to another account in order to continue the conversation.
  6. Massive entry into groups - join a maximum of 10 communities per day.
  7. Reports from other users - for Facebook to block your account one complaint will be enough for it.
  8. Obscene publications - they are often published by brute-forced Facebook accounts (accounts that have been hacked). You can restore them only by contacting the true owner of the page with tech support.
  9. Using someone else card to pay for targeted advertising - if you don`t have one, use a Qiwi wallet or PayPal.

Blocked Facebook account. What to do?

If for some reason your account is already banned, then you need to enter Facebook, confirm your identity and try to appeal the accepted social network solution. To do this, the site will provide you with simple step-by-step instructions.

In practice, unfortunately, few people manage to appeal the Facebook decision, especially when it comes to fake account block / farmed accounts due to advertising. It is better to prejudice possible blocks using modern methods of protection against blocks in social services, for example, the use of individual proxies at the moment of accounts registering.

To make the right choice, you have to understand how to choose a proxy for Facebook.

Use Facebook accounts for advertising without the risk of a ban

Using services for automated promotion to promote on Facebook, you run the risk of quickly getting into a ban. The same thing will happen with your account if you exceed the limits manually sending messages, invites to groups and other template actions to advertise a page or community.

To prevent Facebook new account from blocking that you created, a proxy server from Proxy-seller will help. With it, you can promote multiple pages or communities at once, register new accounts for the target ads - without fear of being banned. The proxy will help to classify the real IP, from which the promotion will be carried out, bypassing the limits and prohibitions of the social network.

Buying Facebook proxy is available at Proxy-Seller. To do this, simply select the servers for the tasks that suit you on our website and leave a request right now.

Registration of a Facebook account and its promotion on the basis of a proxy will take place with maximum security if you rent a proxy from Proxy-seller.


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