How to set up a proxy in Multilogin Browser

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Video tutorial how to set up a proxy in Multilogin Browser

Multilogin provides the ability to add multiple accounts and in an easy way switch between them without entering a username and password every time, does not provide a proxy server and does not have other automatic solutions for changing the IP address. But at the same time it supports various types of connections, which allows you to solve the problem of changing IP in other ways.

Proxy with authorization by IP address for Multilogin

Before starting the setup, make sure you have such information available according to the following points:

  • type of the proxy: SOCKS4, SOCKS5, HTTP;
  • proxy address (hostname);
  • proxy port;
  • IP authorization is used in the control panel of your proxy provider.

Would you like to know more about proxy types? Then, read our article about how HTTP, HTTPS, and SOCKS servers differ from each other.

Step-by-step proxy configuration in Multilogin

Multilogin - one of the best anti detect multi-browser. It allows you to create many profiles of any browser and use it with a proxy server. It is really comfortable to use switching different profiles in seconds. But the Multilogin is a paid browser. So, let`s take a look at how to set up a proxy for it.

  1. Open Multilogin and press the New browser profile button on the main menu.

    Press the «New browser profile» button on the main menu

  2. Press the "Proxy" button and then, press the "Edit proxy settings" under the "Proxy Settings" field.
  3. 1.png

  4. Select the "HTTP proxy" from the drop-down box.
  5. 2.png

  6. Enter the required data. IP:PORT - an example is 123.456.789.01:23456. Login and password can be found in the order submission mail or in the control panel if you have purchased the proxy server from Proxy-Seller. Press the "Check proxy" button.
  7. 3.png

  8. If you see the green result of the proxy check, then the configuration is done properly and you can continue your personal configuration by desire.