Instagram auto-posting, proxy benefits

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Instagram auto-posting

Auto-posting on Instagram is an effective tool for simplifying and automating the publications. With it, you will not need to manually make posts on a social network every day. It will be enough to develop a one-time content plan for a week, a month or any other period and upload the text and photo/video for publications to the program for auto-posting.

Publications will be posted automatically at the exact time you specify.

Why Instagram auto-posting is useful

The key advantage of auto-posting is saving time. You will only need to upload all texts and visual content to the online service one-time. During the specified period, the service will layout the finished posts itself, without your participation. Moreover, in the system, you can even specify hashtags, geolocations, and photo marks of the right users in advance. You no longer need to go to Instagram every day and spend time manually publishing.

Another important benefit of auto-posting is accuracy. If you know that your target audience comes to Instagram mainly after work, for example, around 7 p.m., then you can set up automatic publications at this time. You will not need to constantly monitor the right moment on your own so as not to miss the attention of subscribers. The smart system will do everything for you.

You can configure auto-posting from a desktop computer. This greatly simplifies the process of writing texts for posts and photos/videos. If the texts and visual content ready for publication are already stored on your smartphone, then it will be possible to upload posts to the service for auto-posting through it.

Who will benefit from auto-posting on Instagram

The greatest benefit from the use of auto-posting in the social networks for SMM managers who maintain several accounts at the same time and make at least 1 publication every day. An automated service will help in a couple of hours to prepare publications for 7 days in advance and in all projects.

In addition to specialists in promoting accounts on Instagram, auto-posting will be useful for other categories of users who independently promote their accounts:

  • online entrepreneurs;
  • representatives of network marketing;
  • media personalities;
  • information businessmen;
  • bloggers.

Auto-posting will help you prepare publications in advance to create a beautiful and well-structured content feed.

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Use proxies for auto-posting on Instagram

Using services for auto-posting can lead to account blocking on Instagram because social network does not accept automated page promotion. To avoid this, you must use an anonymous individual proxy server. The proxy will become a kind of intermediary who will hide from the Instagram security system the fact that the actions are performed by the robot, and not by the real user.

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