Configuring a proxy in WebHarvy web scraper

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WebHarvy is a data extraction software that enables users to gather information from web pages and save it in structured formats such as CSV, Excel, databases, and others. This scraper is particularly beneficial for those involved in collecting web data for analysis and research. WebHarvy allows for data retrieval from various types of websites, including standard HTML pages, AJAX pages, JavaScript-content pages, and more. It enables real-time filtering and processing of data to obtain only the necessary information. The information can be exported in various forms like CSV, Excel, JSON, making it easily accessible for analysis and further processing. To maximize anonymity and security when accessing web resources, WebHarvy offers the option to integrate a proxy server.

Proxy integration in WebHarvy

Integrating a proxy into WebHarvy involves adjusting settings within the software to route requests through a specified IP address. This hides your real IP, circumvents access restrictions to sites, and avoids blocks. Follow the instructions below to set up the proxy.

  1. Download and open WebHarvy. Click on the “Settings” tab.


  2. In the opened window, go to the “Proxy Settings” section and check the “Enable network connection via Proxy Server” option.


  3. Select the proxy server connection protocol from the drop-down list.


  4. Enter the proxy server details: IP address, port. For private proxies requiring authentication, check the “Requires Authentication” box and enter the username and password in the “Username” and “Password” fields, respectively. For public proxies or IP authentication, entering the proxy and port is sufficient.


  5. To complete the proxy server setup, click the “+” button to add the address to the “Proxy List”, then click “Apply”.


  6. After finalizing the proxy settings, the main menu will offer the option to enter the desired resource link, which will operate with the set IP address.


The proxy integration in WebHarvy is successfully completed and active for secure internet scraping. This also helps to avoid temporary blocking of your IP address, which can occur if you send too many requests to a website in a short period.