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If you have a question: “How can I find out my IP?”, you can solve the task using the Proxy-Seller online service. It will help you clarify the real data of the computer or check if the network masking tool, proxy, has been activated. Knowing the IP will be useful in order to understand whether it was successful to hide your real IP address and location through a proxy server.

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Also, this information can be useful if you need to give personal access to a specific device. You can purchase a proxy server and assign access to it to one or more IP addresses.

How to find out my IP

To obtain this information, we recommend using our service. With it, you can find out your IP without registering and downloading any programs.

To check the IP, simply scroll this web page until you can see the working panel of the online service. Your IP address will be shown in large green font. To copy it in one click, click on the small icon located to the right of the IP.

What does the service for checking IP show

Interested in how to find out your IP, you have come to this web page, where our online service will help you with this issue. The data you need is already displayed on its working panel - just scroll the web page to the numerical value highlighted in green.

In addition to the fact that our online service will help you find out your IP, it will also show other data:

  • operating system;
  • browser;
  • location;
  • provider;
  • additional information provided by the browser: "X-Forwarded-For", "SERVER_PORT", "Connection", "Accept-Encoding", "X-Forwarded-Photo", "Upgrade-Insecure-Requests", "User-Agent", etc.

If you set up a proxy server, but the online check showed your real IP address, then the proxy was not connected correctly.

How to find out my IP if it keeps changing

This question is about dynamic IP addresses issued by an ISP. They really change with each new user's access to the network. In this case, you can also check the IP using our online service. It will show the data currently used by your computer.

How to change my IP address

Only an Internet provider can really change the IP, but this will essentially only make sense if you have been blocked on a certain site or in a game. If you need to bypass a regional ban or secure real computer data from intruders, then it is more logical to use proxy servers - a tool for changing IP.

How to change my IP using a proxy

Everything is simple here:

  1. Get a proxy server.
  2. Connect it in the settings of your computer, browser, or proxifier (a special program for working with proxies).
  3. Work anonymously while the proxy server is active. You can find out the type of proxy used through our online service.

If you need to completely mask the real IP address, then you should purchase anonymous proxy servers. They will hide computer data but will leave the very fact of using a masking tool in plain sight. If you want to keep both your IP and the fact that an intermediary server is connected, then you need to buy elite proxies. They will provide complete anonymity on the Internet.

Who can see my IP address

Getting to someone else's IP is a process that is difficult to implement from a technical point of view. When you communicate via instant messengers or social networks with others, your IP address is not visible to ordinary users. It can be tracked only by those who have access to the history of the sites you visit: developers, administrators, etc.

Other ways people can get to your IP:

  • through torrents, if your data is displayed in the lists of distributing/downloading users;
  • when communicating by email, if the IP is visible in the header of the email message (Gmail does not disclose
  • this user data, unlike, for example, Yahoo and MS Outlook);
  • through the command line in the operating system, "pinging" the domain of your site, if you run it on a home server;
  • when participating in online games, game server administrators will be able to track your IP;
  • by clicking on all kinds of links (open or embedded in text/images/videos) – this technique for calculating the IP address is used by both advertisers for commercial purposes and attackers for hacking.

Of course, whoever gets to your Wi-Fi access point will be able to find out the IP address.

Do services and sites see my IP

When you visit any web resources, your IP address remains in their database. Sites keep a history of user visits, so they can track which visitor visited them, from where, and when.

If you used an anonymous or elite proxy when connecting, then the visited web resources will see its data and not your real one.