Setting up a proxy in the PhantomBuster

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Phantombuster is a cloud-based software designed for automated data extraction from a variety of online platforms. It stores all collected data in the cloud using CSV and JSON formats, enabling quick processing of information. With Phantombuster, you can extract data and automate actions like auto-liking, handling requests, and sending responses.

However, using automation tools like Phantombuster may trigger suspicion from platforms with strict security measures, such as Facebook. In such cases, it's crucial to use a proxy with Phantombuster. The program supports setting up private proxies, which we'll explore next.

How to set up a proxy in PhantomBuster

The software allows you to configure a pool of IP addresses for random use or assign one IP address per task. Here's how to set up PhantomBuster with a proxy pool:

  1. Log in to your PhantomBuster account and click on your profile name. Choose “Proxies” from the drop-down menu.


  2. Click on the “New proxy pool” button to add a proxy.


  3. A pop-up window will appear - enter a name for the proxy pool.


  4. In the new window, enter the IP-address and port in the first field, separated by a colon.


  5. Enter your username and password in the adjacent fields for authorization. Save the proxy by clicking “Add proxy”.


  6. Repeat these steps to add multiple proxies.


  7. Return to the main menu and click on the “Use a new Phantom” button.



  8. Select the platform to work with and choose “Advanced settings” from the left menu.


  9. Navigate to the “Proxies” tab.


  10. Choose the option to use random proxies from the pool.


  11. Select the newly configured pool from the drop-down list and save the changes.


Here's how to configure one proxy to operate with one account:

  1. Navigate to the “Solutions” tab and select the desired solution, such as collecting followers on Instagram.


  2. Open “Advanced settings”.


  3. Under the “Proxies” tab, choose “HTTP” protocol.


  4. Enter the IP-address and port, followed by the username and password for authorization, in the designated fields. Save the settings.


  5. Launch the tool you configured from the main menu. It will now operate using the specified proxy.


Using a proxy in PhantomBuster ensures you can work with social media profiles without the risk of being blocked. It's also a convenient way to bypass geo-restrictions on certain web platforms.