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Choosing a reliable proxy provider can be challenging, especially since not all providers have managed to offer consistent service over many years. One of the most well-known providers was, recognized for its large customer base and for being one of the few that offered residential proxies at the time. However, following the closure of, many users found themselves searching for a suitable alternative and facing difficulties in choosing a new proxy provider. Next, we'll explore the reasons behind the closure of and discuss where you can now turn to find reliable proxy servers.

Reasons for the closure of

The service was known primarily for its residential proxy servers, which are highly valued for their high trust factor and versatility across various fields. offered these proxies at a competitive price, contributing to its popularity.

In 2022, however, suspended new registrations and payments, and eventually, the website was shut down. According to the creators of the 911 project, the service faced several hacker attacks over the years, which led to user data leaks and irreversible damage to their databases. This compromised data was reportedly resold on third-party resources. Overwhelmed by these security breaches, the 911 team ultimately decided to close the service. Despite the closure, clone sites imitating the original project continue to appear online.

A study released after the closure by the University of Sherbrooke, analyzing the operation of between 2021 and 2022, suggested that the closure might not have been solely due to hacker attacks. The study pointed to the methods used to obtain proxies as a possible reason for the shutdown.

Residential proxy servers are sourced from the internet traffic of real users and can be ethically or unethically obtained. Ethically, this involves mutual agreement where, for example, a user might share their traffic in exchange for a free subscription service. Unethically, proxies can be acquired through illegal means, such as distributing malware.

The investigation revealed that might have been involved in renting out proxies obtained through unethical practices. Many antivirus programs failed to detect the malicious software, inadvertently involving users in a large-scale scheme to traffic and distribute residential proxies, primarily in the U.S. This operation eventually drew the attention of regulatory authorities, leading to the service's closure.

Using an alternative proxy service

Even if the 911 project returns to the market, trust in this service has already been lost. It is possible that the project may face another closure in the future. To protect your data and receive quality service, it is recommended to pay attention to other proxy providers. Let us note the main criteria by which you should select such a service:

  • All servers are exclusively ethically sourced;
  • Large selection of countries and locations around the world;
  • Availability of professional support that will solve any problem as quickly as possible;
  • Availability of reviews on large forums and other services;
  • Having its own blog, articles, and other documentation.

Why you should consider Proxy-Seller as a 911 alternative

Proxy-Seller is a time-tested service launched in 2017 and still operating successfully. During his activity, he received recognition from many major players in areas such as botting in online games, cryptocurrencies, betting, and traffic arbitrage.


Here is the main list of proxy server formats that can be rented on Proxy-Seller:

  • IPv4;
  • IPv6;
  • ISP;
  • Residential;
  • Mobile.

The service offers the opportunity to rent high-quality proxy servers from more than 50 countries around the world. In the case of using residential proxies, there are more than 200 countries available to choose from. Proxy servers have a high trust factor, which allows you to safely use them in connection with accounts on social networks and other services without the risk of getting blocked or restricted.

It is worth noting that, unlike 911, the Proxy-Seller service obtains residential proxies exclusively in an ethical way, which ensures high uptime and stable performance of these servers. Resident proxies are managed using your personal account, where you can select a country, region, city, and provider, and quickly get a list of proxies with the selected parameters. Proxy-Seller also offers the opportunity to familiarize yourself with the functionality of residential proxies for 3 days for only $1.99.


The service regularly provides special offers, discounts, and promotional codes, which are available on various thematic forums and in the official Telegram channel. There is also an affiliate program available that will allow you to receive a percentage of attracted users and their orders.


The service also provides online support 24/7. You can contact the chat on the website or use any popular instant messengers and receive a response within one minute. Prompt support will solve any problems related to the service and provide high-quality advice.


Additionally, the site's blog provides numerous setup instructions and various informational articles, which are updated on a regular basis and are available in a variety of languages.


Note that there are additional tools on the site that allow you to check the user’s IP address, ping, scan ports, and also conduct a trace. This can be useful to determine the quality of the proxy server.


Using trusted proxy server providers, such as Proxy-Seller, will significantly increase the efficiency of any user tasks that require changing the IP address. In addition, the presence of constant discounts on the purchase of proxy servers in packages and regular promotional codes allows you to receive services at a reasonable price.