Is it possible to select proxy by city and/or region (state)?

Of course, you can! But at the moment this opportunity is not available for all countries. To get the required city or region (state), you have to contact our support after paying the proxy, and our operator will help you to choose the desired location.

How often do you update your proxy?

We try to update our proxy list as often as it possible for our customers. This applies both to the number of subnets and to the list of countries. Now we can provide you a proxy of 9 different countries and about 200 different subnets.

Why is such difference in price between IPv4 and IPv6?

The prices for these proxy differs only because with IPv6 proxy you will not be able to work with all desired resources, and with an IPv4 proxy you will. It is all because IPv6 is a new proxy, so at the moment it's working with a very small list of sites, it does not have a high degree of anonymity and it has lower speed, compare to IPv4. We should get back to the main question, we can talk about distinctive features of each proxy type longer than it needed, but as it was told above, price for IPv4 will be higher than for IPv6 one

How can i understand how many proxy subnets I got in my order?

We have hundreds of proxy servers available and we try to provide the client a proxy with different subnets. You can see it for yourself. The proxy is divided into 2 blocks xx.xx.55.55 - where xx.xx. is a network, and 55.55 is a subnet. If a subnet does not work for your purpose you can contact our operator and we will make a replacement.

Do you have any restrictions for a proxy use or forbidden things with service?

Unfortunately, not all users are conscientious, so for us to provide you the highest proxy quality we have set restrictions that you can read here.

How many contemporaneous connections can be used with your proxy?

Our proxy servers are stable when you working with different purposes. At the moment, for many people it is very important to use a proxy on several devices. We do not limit our users in any way but creating a large number of streams on one proxy will result in a slowdown. For proper proxy use without any velocity slowdowns, we recommend you to use not more than 3 devices at the same time.

Do you have a partnership program?

Yes! Now we are ready to please you not only with high quality proxies, but also with a referral program with which you, your friends and your colleagues can easily earn.

What is the fundamental difference between your proxy service and other similar ones?

We are always looking forward to improve our service, we are happy to answer your questions or help you with the proxy. Sure thing, we also have troubles, but they are getting solved as fast as it possible, so you can work and feel yourself in safety during the use of our proxy

What is the difference between a proxy package and single proxy?

Now our service can offer you the purchase of proxy not only one by one, but also by packages. When you buy a package with 10 proxy, you will receive up to 40% discount, this is the difference between one proxy and proxy package

How to extend the proxy?

There are new updates on our site! Now it is easier for you to extend your proxy. You can see your proxy list in user control panel, also you can extend proxy you are comfy with

How does the proxy authorization occur?

Since our proxies are provided only for one person, you have to confirm this information to use it. We are providing two ways: by login and password - these data will need to be entered during configuration and by IP the proxy will work on your PC without entering additional data.

What protocols does your proxy support?

Our proxy support all the necessary protocols for work: HTTP, HTTPS, SOCKS5, the data on which will be provided to you after payment.

How can I make a payment?

Our site supports all popular payment systems: WebMoney, QIWI, Yandex, MasterCard, VISA, Sberbank Online, Alpha-click, Privat24, BitCoin, PerfectMoney and mobile payments: MTS, Beeline.

Are Discounts for renting time and the proxy quantity summed up?

Yes. For example, if you purchase 100 proxies for 12 months, you will get a 27% discount. 15% discount for quantity and 12% discount for the renting period.

Has someone used these proxy before?

Unfortunately, we can’t answer this question, because neither we, nor the provider that leases IP addresses, do not keep statistics on the use of IP addresses.

Can I get a proxy from different networks / subnets?

Oh sure. We always provide a proxy with the maximum possible subnet spread. If something does not suit you, we'll make a replacement!

If I pay a proxy for a few months, can I change it?

We appreciate the customers who stay with us. Therefore, in addition to discounts provided when paying for a proxy for more than a month, you will be able to change addresses once a month on request.

What if the proxy does not work?

The proxy can also have issues.If you have any troubles druing the use of our proxy, contact our support for datailed information. We are online 24/7.

Can proxy be replaced during my validaty?

We provide high quality proxies, which were matched with your purpose, and if you are not satisfied with the received address, you should contact our online consultant. During the first day we guarantee the replacement of the proxy, and full technical support throughout the following time.

Do you sell a proxy for one person?

We providing proxy only in one hands. During their use you should not be worried about the actions of the "neighbor", which can lead to deplorable consequences.

Will I be able to pay for already used addresses for an additional period?

Of course! You can increase the duration of the proxy in user control panel. We appreciate your trust so for a proxy payment more than a month, we give you up to 12% discount.

I have already paid, when will I receive the proxy?

We know how time is expensive for you, so we try to give out proxy instantly. But, in order to find the most suitable addresses for your purpose, it might take some time. If the proxy was not received within 30 minutes, please contact our support.

There are two types of proxy on the site, what is the difference between them? Which ones are better for me?

Indeed, we provide IPv4 and IPv6 proxy servers. Connection to IPv6 goes through the IPv4 address, using different ports, which is why when you exit, you get a unique IPv6 proxy. Also, thing you never want to forget about is that IPv4, compare to the new protocol of 6 versions are suitable for almost all sites and programs. Here you can check how does IPv6 fits with your site.