Setting up a proxy in Hidemyacc anti-detect browser

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Hidemyacc is a Chromium-based anti-detect browser designed for multi-accounting, enabling users to create a digital fingerprint and manage multiple accounts. This browser is suitable for online marketing, web page analytics, crypto exchanges, and other activities involving multi-accounting. Hidemyacc supports Windows and MacOS operating systems and allows users to create an unlimited number of accounts, as well as configure proxy servers to enhance user privacy.

Step-by-step proxy configuration in Hidemyacc browser

Hidemyacc offers a quick and simple proxy setup to change the real IP address of the user and reduce the risk of blocks during multi-accounting. Follow the step-by-step instructions below to set up a proxy server.

  1. Install and launch Hidemyacc browser. Click “Create a new profile” on the main page to create a new profile.


  2. In the “Overview” tab, assign a name to the profile, then select the desired operating system and browser under “OPERATING SYSTEM (OS)” and “BROWSER” to create a digital fingerprint.


  3. Next, go to the “Proxy” submenu to start configuring the IP address.


  4. For setting up a private proxy server with authentication, check the “Your Proxy” checkbox.


  5. In the opened settings field, you can assign a name to the profile for convenience. Then, in the “Connection type” field, select the connection protocol from the dropdown list.


  6. There are two ways to enter proxy server data. The first allows for quick entry of the proxy in the format “IP:Port:Username:Password” in the “Quick add” line.


  7. The second method: fill in the lines with the corresponding data in the “Or enter proxy information below” field.


  8. Use the “Check Proxy” button to verify the proxy connection, then complete the proxy setup by clicking “Create”.


  9. After saving the proxy server settings, the set IP address will be linked to the created profile on the browser's main page window. To start working with the profile, check it and press “Run”.


  10. If necessary, use the corresponding options on the functional panel to test or delete a profile with a set proxy server.


The setup is complete, and a profile with a set proxy server has been successfully created in the Hidemyacc anti-detect browser, changing the user's digital identity for secure and anonymous web surfing.