How to choose a proxy for Facebook? Recommendations

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Facebook users who are engaged in business promotion, advertising or profile promotion and groups need a high-quality and reliable proxy. Using it, you can access the profile in case of the block, conduct simultaneous correspondence with several people, and also:

  • automatically send invitations to various events;
  • promote a profile or community through special bots;
  • increase the rating;
  • growth hack for the likes;
  • increase the number of subscribers;
  • register accounts for targeted advertising.

Types of proxies for Facebook: features and comparison

There are a huge number of proxies for Facebook, but all of them can be combined into 4 groups:

  • Paid private - the most reliable proxy server, as it is intended exclusively for one user. With a private IP address, you are guaranteed complete anonymity on the network: personal information and location data will remain confidential. The main disadvantage is that you need to pay for private proxies.
  • Free - these are IP addresses that are freely available, they are used by a large number of people, so the chance of getting blocked on the Facebook profile is very high. The advantage of this type of proxy in the name itself, they are free.
  • Shared proxies - have a relatively low cost, they are used by a fairly large number of people. But still, fewer people use shared proxies for Facebook than free ones, but more than paid ones. Therefore, their reliability is 50/50.
  • Mobile - this type of proxy allows you to bypass any blocks, because the connection is through the IP address of mobile operators, and the address periodically changes. The main disadvantage of such proxies is the difficulty of performing multi-threaded tasks (mass registration of accounts, sending out numerous messages).

As you can see, private proxies for Facebook are the best choice. They are the most reliable, anonymous and carefully hide your main IP, so the risk of blocking, in this case, is the lowest.

As a result, proxies for Facebook can be divided into public (they are in the public domain, used by a large number of people) and private (they are completely anonymous, only one person uses them, they have a stable connection speed). Remember that a clean IP address is key to success.

Would you like to know more about proxy types? Then, read our article about free and paid servers characteristics.

Types of private proxies for Facebook

  1. Low anonymity proxies. The system will detect the proxy, but will not be able to quickly track the IP. When the remote server detected the fraud, the Facebook profile will be blocked.
  2. With a high degree of anonymity. The administration of Facebook recognizes IP but does not prove the fact of using a proxy, so such proxies are considered the most effective.

Facebook Proxy Guidelines

For the truly effective proxy use, pay attention to the following:

  • Choose a proxy with the IPv4 protocol type, it is what Facebook works with.
  • It is best for SMM specialists to select the country for the proxy as the one for the account, since you will configure advertising, targeting to a specific location, and so that the administration does not have any questions why the real IP is one and the actions are performed from another. SEO professionals can choose proxies from any country.
  • The connection speed should be high so that there are no lags and problems in the operation of the system. We offer proxies for Facebook with a stable connection of 1 Gb/s.
  • HTTPS and SOCKS5 protocols do not have special significance; they are supported by default.
  • To prevent yourself from tracking it is best to purchase paid proxies.

If you plan to use several accounts, then it is better to purchase a proxy for each account. Recommended scheme: 1 proxy - 1 account. So you definitely will not be blocked.

Of course, paid proxies for Facebook will be the best choice, but you should buy them on trusted and reliable sites. Proxy-Seller is a great choice. We offer a discount of up to 40% for buying a large amount of IPs, technical support 24/7 and guarantee a refund or proxy replacement within 24 hours if the sent proxy does not suit you