Setting up a proxy in MoreLogin browser

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MoreLogin browser offers account and user data protection using digital fingerprint technology and supports Windows and Mac OS devices. The anti-detect MoreLogin browser allows for the safe management of multiple accounts on a single device, with all profiles appearing as new devices. For tasks related to opening or creating configuration files, it integrates an automation API. MoreLogin is designed to provide an additional layer of anonymity and protection from user identification and tracking online. The highest security level can be achieved by configuring a proxy in MoreLogin. Setting up a proxy server in the browser enables access to blocked resources, protects personal information and data, and tests websites and applications.

Video guide for setting up a proxy in MoreLogin

Step-by-step proxy configuration in MoreLogin

  1. Install and launch the MoreLogin browser, and click on “New Profile”.


  2. In the opened window, go to “Advanced create”, then select “Proxy settings”.


  3. Next, choose the connection protocol from the dropdown list and enter the proxy server details in the respective fields: IP address and port. Username and password are entered when using private proxies.


  4. You can check the proxy connection by clicking on the “Proxy detection” button, after which a text notification about the connection will appear.


  5. To save the proxy server settings, press “OK”.


  6. After completing the setup, the “Browser Profile” section will display the profile with the set IP address, ready for use.



  7. To start working with the profile, click on “Start”. If you need to edit or delete a profile with the set IP address, select it, then click on “Modify proxy” or “Delete”, depending on the request.

Using proxy servers in MoreLogin anti-detect browser guarantees a higher level of anonymity and network protection for activities such as web surfing, application and site testing, accessing blocked resources, and more.