Step-by-step proxy settings in Kameleo anti-detect browser

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Kameleo is an anti-detect browser that will provide anonymity on the web and allow you to create an infinite number of accounts for promotion, betting, and other activities on the Internet. A proxy server will be responsible for complete security and anonymity.

Video guide for setting up a proxy in Kameleo

Why a proxy is required for Kameleo

Proxy servers will help you bypass the restrictions and blocking that appear due to the use of one IP address for all profiles. If you set up a proxy for each account, you can securely use all the features of Kameleo and create as many accounts as you want in the browser.

Proxies will help you stay anonymous online and promote your business effectively on social media and other platforms.

How to set up a proxy in Kameleo

  1. Open a browser and log in to your social network.
  2. Create a new account by clicking on the "New Profile" tab. If you want to add a proxy to an existing account, click "Open Profile".
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  4. Select the desired profile from the list and click Select.
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  6. In the "Connection" section, select the type of your proxy server.
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  8. Enter the proxy data in the fields below: the IP address and Port.
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  10. If you have a personal proxy, move the switch to the "Authentication" mode and enter the Username and Password of the proxy server.
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  12. Click on "Test Proxy" to check if it works.
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  14. Complete the rest of the profile settings and click on the "Start" button. Done!
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Now you know how to set up a proxy for Kameleo. The browser supports proxies like Socks5, HTTP(S), and SSH. Socks proxies are considered the most reliable and are suitable for processing large amounts of data. A little lower in the ranking are HTTP(S) and SSH - such proxies are used to promote in social networks and bypass restrictions.