What are Mobile proxies and how to choose them

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In the modern world of the Internet, most users use proxy servers to ensure anonymity and protect personal data. Even though everyone knows about their role as intermediaries, many are wondering what mobile proxies are, and how they differ from ordinary ones.

Mobile proxies are IP addresses issued by mobile operators that have the same properties as server (regular) proxies with a distinctive service delivery technology. They are also called rotating or reverse, or even back-connect.

The fact is that the website's page security algorithms do not block such IP addresses and are more lenient towards them, because they understand that mass access using this technology is used by mobile operators to access the network for their customers. In simple words, bulk operations are not considered suspicious, unlike data-center or residential proxies.

Video: What are Mobile Proxies? A simple explanation

Mobile 4G/LTE proxy types

All mobile proxies are made into three types http, http(s), and Socks.

HTTP Mobile proxy

This is the most common type and is used for web browsers and programs that support TCP connections. It helps to bypass regional blocking and IP bans.

HTTP(S) Mobile proxy

This type works based on an SSL connection and is more secure than HTTP. It should be used if you often enter your usernames and passwords or payment card details.

SOCKS Mobile proxy

This type of proxy is considered the most secure and advanced today. It provides complete anonymity and does not transmit real digital fingerprints, guaranteeing complete anonymity and reliable protection of personal data. When using this type, the target server will not track that you are using a proxy. The main purpose is specialized software for multi-accounting with multi-threaded connections.

Why mobile proxies are needed

Mobile proxies are worth buying for the following purposes:

  • SEO specialists and Internet marketers choose this type for scraping purposes, collecting keywords and queries, collecting a semantic core, mass posting, comments, and reviews in case of using multi-accounting;
  • In case of traffic arbitrage, to advertisers for use in targeting and contextual advertising, farming accounts;
  • For boosting social media profiles, subscribers, and mass likes;
  • Monitoring profiles and websites of competitors;
  • Software developers;
  • Ordinary users to ensure security and complete anonymity while surfing the Internet.

Where to get rotating 4G/LTE mobile proxies

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