Step-by-step proxy setup in the Stellar AIO bot

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The Stellar AIO app has gained significant popularity in the sneaker botting community because of its user-friendly interface and proxy server connection feature. This allows users to seamlessly make purchase requests while circumventing geolocation restrictions.

The Stellar AIO bot is compatible with all versions of Windows and MacOS and can be easily downloaded.

Setting up a proxy in the Stellar sneaker bot allows you to send hundreds or thousands of purchase requests, keep track of item availability, automate tracking for desired drops, and bypass geo-blocking and Captcha.

How to set up a proxy in the Stellar AIO sneaker bot

To maximize application performance, it is essential to configure a proxy in Stellar AIO. The more proxies you connect, the better your chances of quickly purchasing desired products and avoiding being blocked. Follow these steps to use the bot for buying sneakers through a proxy:

  1. The menu is located in the main program window on the left side. Select the "Proxies" tab and click the "New Proxy Group" button at the top.


  2. In the "New Proxy Group" window, you will need to enter the name of the group that you want to create, then click the "Add" button.


  3. When you return to the "Proxy Groups" window, select the group you just created and click "Manage Proxies".


  4. In the new window, you need to enter the IP addresses, ports, usernames, and passwords of all proxy servers you want to connect to. Use the format of "IP-address:port:username:password". After entering the data, click the "Save" button.


  5. To test the functionality of the IP addresses, go to the "Proxies" tab, select the desired website, and click the "Test" button.


Non-functioning proxies will be removed based on the analysis. You can replace them with new ones.