What are proxies for YouTube used for

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The YouTube service is hundreds of thousands of different videos available for viewing to users around the world. But sometimes, when planning to watch another video on YouTube, you may encounter some restrictions of a local or regional nature: when the video is blocked in a certain region or locally (at work, at school). Proxy servers that provide access to your favorite video hosting will help you cope with such problems.

Why do you need proxies for YouTube?

Proxies for YouTube are bought for different purposes, but all of them can be divided into 2 main groups: to promote the profile and to watch video content. Let`s talk about each type in detail.

Proxy for viewing video content

Buying a proxy to watch the video, you can:

  1. Bypass regional restrictions - if YouTube is blocked in your country. For example, a video is prohibited in the USA, then it is better to buy a German IP address.
  2. Bypass local restrictions and watch videos even while at work or at school. With private anonymous IP addresses, you can easily get around any prohibitions.
  3. Watch video content access to which is limited by the requirements of the copyright holder. In this situation, it is recommended to buy a US IP, since most European countries pay special attention to the protection of copyright and related rights.
  4. To ensure the contents of a computer or smartphone against hacking and attacks. This is important if you use a personal account on Youtube that is tied to a real email address.
  5. Also, proxies speed up the loading of web pages by caching data.

In addition, you can surf the Internet completely anonymously. Due to the proxy server, you can enjoy watching interesting channels, quickly find out the latest news and learn useful skills.

Proxies for promotion on Youtube

Bloggers and entrepreneurs use Youtube as a platform to promote their own business, but doing it manually is much more difficult than through special programs. It would seem that the problem is solved - download the program and promote the profile! But here, not everything is so smooth. The administration of YouTube suppresses attempts to promote the channel by artificial methods through special programs and blocks accounts with suspicious and excessive activity, so your real IP address is at risk of being banned. And every time you don`t want to register a new account and promote the channel from 0, so the best option is to buy a proxy server with which you can outwit the YouTube administration and promote your videos in a variety of ways. With a proxy, you can safely engage in the promotion of any project. SEO professionals and SMM managers use proxies to:

  • promote your own channel;
  • attract subscribers;
  • increase the number of video views;
  • grow up likes and comments by hacking software;
  • viewers grow hacking on the broadcast.

Learn more about YouTube growth hacks and proxy benefits.

YouTube proxy guidelines

  1. If you restrict access to YouTube on a regional basis, it is important to choose an address that belongs to the country in which there is access to the service. For example, if a video is not allowed to be shown in the USA, it is better to purchase a German or Ukranian proxy server.
  2. For YouTube, IPv4 and IPv6 proxies with HTTP(s) and Socks5 support are suitable.
  3. Pay attention to the speed of work to be sure that the connection will be stable, without delays or freezes.
  4. Refuse to use free proxies, they will fly off instantly. Only suitable for one-time actions.

If you are faced with local restrictions (a YouTube ban at the office, school, university), it is important to have several IP addresses in stock, because the provider can track the appearance of new proxy servers and block them.

Buy private IPv4 / IPv6 proxies from sellers who sell addresses only to a buyer. So, you can be sure that the rented proxy will be used only by you.