SocksChain - what is this and how it works

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SocksChain is a program that helps you build a chain of HTTP and SOCKS servers to hide a valid IP address. The length of the chain you are forming is unlimited, just remember that the longer it is, the slower the connection speed will be.

How SocksChain Works

SocksChain can function as a standard SOCKS server with the requests transferring through a proxy chain. It can also be used with client programs that do not support the SOCKS protocol but work with the same TCP connection as TELNET, IRC, HTTP, etc. The advantage of the program is that your IP address will not be displayed in the server logs or email headers.

SocksChain connects via a TCP connection to a client program that transfers data through the entire chain of proxy servers. The program itself is connected only with the first element of the chain, which is connected with the second, that with the third, etc. Therefore, there is practically no chance to track the exact IP address the request was initiated.

SocksChain has its own updated list of proxy servers in the amount of 100 pieces as part of the free version. True, they are distinguished by a short lifespan, therefore, after a day, as a rule, proxies break-in the functioning.

Where to rent HTTP and SOCKS proxies

To achieve maximum anonymity on the Internet and without the risk of solving your problems through SocksChain, you need to acquire reliable proxy servers. Proxies will help to speed up data acquisition, protect the local network from hacking and hide your real IP address, displaying a different one instead.

You can rent unlimited proxies with a data transfer rate of up to 1Gb/s at Proxy-Seller. We transfer the server exclusively for individual use, which increases the degree of your Internet security. Leave a request on the site and in a few minutes our manager will contact you to help you to choose the best proxy for SocksChain.


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