Proxy configuration in FoxyProxy

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Video guide for setting up a proxy in FoxyProxy

FoxyProxy is a software add-on for the Firefox browser, which makes it possible to greatly simplify the process of managing various proxy servers, which, in turn, will ensure anonymity and bypassing blocks from both providers and the government.

The proxy server is configured in 2 stages:

  • Installing the FoxyProxy extension;
  • proxy configuration.

Find out what you need to configure a proxy server on Firefox.

Install the FoxyProxy Extension

  1. Follow the direct link and click the "Add to FireFox" button:
  2. 1en.png

  3. Allow the necessary rights to work - press the "Add" button:
  4. 2en.png

  5. After installation, the corresponding icon will appear on the extensions panel in the upper right side of the browser:


Proxy configuration in FoxyProxy

  1. In the program settings, click on the extension mark and select “Options”:


  2. Go to the process of creating a new profile with a proxy by clicking on the "Add" menu category:


  3. Enter the recommended profile name:


  4. Enter the proxy data in the fields listed: Proxy IP address or DNS name, Port, Username, Password. After filling in, click “Save”:


  5. Activate profile: click on the extension icon in the panel, select the desired profile. Settings will be applied. Reload browser:



Use Germany proxy or France proxy for the FoxyProxy program.

Advanced proxy configuration in FoxyProxy

Setting up a proxy for this extension, one should consider the following additional features:

  • the “subscriptions” tab allows you to share the ID address with FoxyProxy subscribers or use the ID of other users;
  • “sample subscriptions” allows you to subscribe to already published templates or share your own;
  • “general settings” are modes that are convenient for a particular case.

After all of the above recommendations, you can start working simultaneously with several profiles and configure exclusions for specific sites.