How to set up FollowingLike proxies

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    FollowingLike - is a social media bot that helps you to grow your Instagram accounts. Auto likes, follows, direct message and many other options! You can grow an unlimited number of accounts, but this bot requires high-quality individual proxy servers. Let’s check how is this working!

    Read why should you use proxies for Instagram.

    1. Open your application, add your accounts and let’s see how to add proxy servers. First, you should open the “File” tab, then the “General…” - “Settings…”

      Open the «File» tab, then the «General…» -> «Settings…»

    2. At the “Account Per Proxy”, we recommend typing in only 1, because if you enter more - the chance of getting blocked becomes too high. “Account threads” - 1 is the best option, of the same reason.

      At the «Account Per Proxy» and «Account threads», we recommend typing in only 1

    3. Then, right-click of the mouse on account that should be set with the proxy server, and press the “Edit” button.
    4. Now, you can see the “Proxy” field is empty. Enter the data of purchased proxy server. The format should be “IP:PORT:USERNAME:PASSWORD” - username and password of the proxy authentication, not of the account! If you have bought a proxy server with IP authentication - you should put only IP:PORT.
    5. The same principle is used for every account.

    The configuration is done properly and everything is working fine!