Proxy for unblocking Netflix

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Video guide for setting up a proxy in Netflix

The Netflix service is very popular in the online entertainment industry. By subscribing to it, you will open a large library of films, TV shows, and television shows. For some users, the content will be limited, as the company restricts access by geography.

Netflix has declared a real war in many ways to bypass geolocation blocking, but there is a way out of this situation.

Which proxy to use for Netflix?

To prevent unauthorized access to the library using a proxy, the company uses different methods of blocking. Most often, the screen turns black and the message Netflix Proxy Error appears on it.

The Right proxy choice

To make sure that the proxy for Netflix you choose is suitable, in addition to the technical characteristics, there are 2 more important factors to consider:

  1. The test period. Users can use IP for a while to see if this proxy can unblock Netflix or not.
  2. The possibility of returning invested funds or replacing a proxy. Reliable sellers offer a day for testing. During this time, if problems arise, a replacement occurs or the service returns your money.

Now let move on to an overview of some proxy providers.

Hide My Ass for Netflix

This American proxy server is one of the most reliable. It is free, but some of its features require users to pay. The first page immediately gives a list of features.

In the basic version, users receive:

  • Anonymity;
  • Hide IP addresses;
  • Work with browsers;
  • Unlock all sites, including Netflix, the US, the Netherlands, and the British Isles.

True, protection against hacker attacks will be weak, but everything works reliably and quickly. If you decide to pay, they will offer you:

  • Powerful protection against hackers;
  • Change IP even during one session;
  • Anonymous streams of the highest quality.

Anonymouse for Netflix

Free German service is one of the first (working since 1997) in the world of proxy servers. The proxies have a good speed connection.

The main Anonymouse tips:

  • The anonymity of the service;
  • High-speed connection;
  • Ease of use;
  • You can unblock the sites of any country;
  • Communication with browsers;
  • Automatic/manual change of IP.

Kproxy for Netflix

A free proxy service makes it easy for all users to access the global network. All sites, even with access restrictions, can be viewed anonymously. Personal data is hidden.

Service advantages:

  • Anonymity;
  • The ability to change IP;
  • Opening any blocked sites.

HandyCache for Netflix

This is another free and convenient proxy service that speeds up page loading in the browser. It also blocks the loading of ads and allows you to save user funds for paying for traffic. You can view all the pages downloaded before without the Internet.

The user must download the HandyCache archive, unzip it, run the HandyCache.exe program and configure the browser to work through this proxy.

Paid services are provided to commercial organizations (more than 5 users).


Of course, there are many other offers on the market that can solve the problem of viewing Netflix content. Only the most popular ways to anonymously connect to this entertainment platform are listed above.