YouTube growth hacks. Proxy benefits

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In todays competition, in an organic way, without a large budget, it`s almost impossible to build an audience of thousands on Youtube. What to do for those who want to promote their channel in a month, and not in years (and that is not guaranteed)? To become popular on YouTube will help to get growth hack for subscribers and viewers through specialized services.

How YouTube growth hack works

Previously, most people associated growth hacking with a surge of fake views, bots in subscriptions, etc. Today, times have changed, and dozens, even hundreds of real people, not fakes, can subscribe to you daily. Online services and specialized software for promotion will help you with this.

Modern services for growth hacking on YouTube work simply:

  1. You are registering in the system.
  2. Perform the required actions: subscribe to other channels, like or dislike the video, comment on them, etc.
  3. For each completed action you get points.
  4. For accumulated points, you order any service: likes, subscriptions, etc.

Roughly speaking, you put 100 likes on different videos and get 100 points for that. Accumulated points can be spent on ordering 100 comments under your new video or, for example, 100 subscriptions to your channel from live users of the service.

Prices for services depend on the established price list.

Growth Hack - the engine of natural growth in popularity

The growth hack on YouTube will be useful, including for the organic growth of traffic. Many viewers of this video hosting tend to give preference to already popular content, rather than less popular videos. The number of views on the video is one of the key factors that affect whether a person watches your video or prefers another.

The same goes for the number of subscribers. Interest in a blogger who has 1,000,000 followers will always be greater than in one with 1,000.

What can you growth hack

The growth on YouTube will allow you to increase the following indicators of your channel:

  • views;
  • comments;
  • reposts;
  • likes;
  • dislikes (for proportion);
  • subscribers;
  • adding to favorites (an indicator that is not visible to other users, but plays an important role for YouTube in ranking trending videos).

Auto Growth

Personal participation in active growth hacking on YouTube can be avoided. On the Internet, there are a large number of special programs that can automatically make your videos and account more popular: Krutube, and others. All you need is a one-time system setup and tracking of results.

Why should I use a proxy for growth hacking on YouTube

A proxy server will help to protect your account from YouTube security system. With it, you can use programs for automated hacking without the risk of getting blocked. Plus, it will not only provide maximum protection to your YouTube channel but will also speed up the process of its promotion.

Get a trusted proxy for Youtube from the Proxy-Seller company.

5 reasons why you need to use Proxy-Seller proxies for hacking on YouTube:

  • maximum security against blocking due to anonymity, individual use and other factors;
  • the uninterrupted operation, which will allow you to use programs for growth hacking up to 24/7;
  • speed up to 1 Gb/s - the indicators of the YouTube channel you need will increase as quickly as possible;
  • IPv4 or IPv6 proxies to choose from 15 countries of the world;
  • 24/7 technical support for the servers.

Leave a request for rental proxies from Proxy-Seller and in a few minutes after the payment, you will get access to your new server. With it, hacking subscribers and viewers on YouTube will be faster and safer.