Facebook accounts farm

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FB Accounts Farm - Why should I Farm Facebook Profiles and How to Do It Correctly

FB accounts farm is a set of actions to increase Facebook trust. If your profile does not cause suspicion after automatic verification from social bots, this will help to avoid manual checks from FB employees.

Arbitrators have developed a whole range of techniques to simulate the actions of the average use of Facebook. To learn how to farm accounts in the FB correctly, follow the recommendations listed below. This will help your pages on the social network look as lively as possible and not get into the ban.

Why do I need FB accounts farm

If you immediately try to publish an advertisement from a new Facebook page, then the social network will block the request or require proof of identity.

Threat of ban

FB account farm will give you:

  • the ability not to go beyond the automatic check of profiles by Facebook robots, which will allow you to perform more aggressive advertising actions;
  • reducing the risk of switching to manual verification by FB employees, which is likely to lead to account blocking;
  • the ability to connect a virtual card to replenish the balance of the advertising account on Facebook;
  • increase the life of the account.

What you need for FB accounts farm

To simulate the life of a typical average Facebook user, you will need the following set of tools:

  • proxy server - for each account, a proxy identical in geolocation is required, purchased only for individual use;
  • a virtual machine in the browser to create a unique digital fingerprint;
  • profile photos and self-confirmation of identity - it is important that the published photos are not used by anyone before (you can take photos of family, friends, non-famous people from magazines).

How to farm FB account

We divide the farming of Facebook accounts into 2 main stages and analyze each of them in detail.

Stage 1: setting up a virtual machine

The first step is to properly configure the virtual machine. It is important to observe the main rule, which is that one machine is allocated for each account. It is also necessary that the language of your browser and the operating system matches the geolocation of your Facebook account and the IP proxy server.

If the basic rules are followed, then follow 3 simple steps to configure the system:

  1. Set the OS in the date and time settings of the same time zone as the proxy server.

    Set the OS in the date and time settings of the same time zone as the proxy

  2. Disable Flash in the browser and set a restriction for website tracking.

    Disable Flash and set a restriction for website tracking

  3. Disable WebRTC in the browser. In Google Chrome, this can be done through the WebRTC Leak Prevent extension. In Opera - through WebRTC Control.

    Disable WebRTC in the browser

Stage 2: increase trust in your account

Increase Facebook page trust in the following ways:

  • use smart inviting: invite one person to friends, and then send invites only to his friends (no more than 20-25 per day);
  • simulate communication with other users, subscribe to public posts and make reposts from there, comment on other people posts and like them (5-10 actions per day);
  • publishing a post on your page, add more hashtags and graphic content;
  • if the account has not been used for a long time, then before logging in to it on Facebook, first visit a couple of other news and entertainment resources, as well as online stores in your browser;
  • it is better to visit the Facebook site for the first time using authorization plugins on any other site;
  • and the last immoral, but effective way to increase your account trust is to complain about strangers adding to you, deleting the invites and Give feedback or report this profile.

    Press «Give feedback or report this profile»

    Choise the reason and press «Send»

Where to get proxies for FB accounts farm

To farm Facebook accounts, you need to use reliable high-speed proxies. You can rent anonymous proxies at a speed of up to 1 Gb/s at Proxy-Seller. We offer servers from 15 countries, 100 networks and 300 subnets - the widest range of country options for choosing the optimal proxy for solving your problem.

You can leave a request on our website and test the selected server within 24 hours. If it does not suit you, you can order another proxy for the FB accounts farm or return the money.