Top-8 Proxy extensions

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In this article, we present an overview of the best extensions (plugins) for various browsers, which are popular for bypassing the blocks of any sites and safe work on the network.

FireX Proxy

An extension that selects only high-speed, low-ping proxies. Its advantages: quick change of IPs, lack of advertisements, opening inaccessible sites, the ability to check the speed, the choice of high-quality addresses. FireX Proxy is easy to use, open-source, and high productive.

FireX Proxy interface

friGate CDN

The most convenient extension for the Chrome browser. Its main task is anonymity. It is developed to visit prohibited sites, owning multiple accounts at once, bypassing the ban by IP address, to hide the location. The friGate CDN extension is fast, flexible, and stable.

friGate CDN interface

Detailed instructions on how to configure a proxy server through the friGate plugin.

Smart Proxy

The plugin is designed to automatically enable or disable proxies for sites visited based on custom templates. With Smart Proxy, you do not need to change proxies manually, you just need to add the necessary site to the list of proxy rules. Therefore, after visiting a particular website, the extension will act on its own, and all data for it will be transmitted through a proxy server without any external action.

Smart Proxy interface

SurfEasy Proxy for Opera

The extension protects privacy, unblocks sites, protects using Wi-Fi, prevents tracking and encrypts all data. Also, with SurfEasy Proxy, you can hide IP and location, it is safe for shopping online, browse blocked sites anonymously, and bypass firewalls without any restrictions.

 SurfEasy Proxy for Opera interface

Foxyproxy for Mozilla Firefox

A fairly comfortable plug-in that is ideal for daily work. It has many convenient options that allow you to use several proxy servers at once. Features: making various proxies for each, you can set your own terms of use, it is allowed to add sites to the group and attach a specific proxy to it.

Foxyproxy for Mozilla Firefox interface

Proxy Switcher

Plugin with a free license and user-friendly interface. Supports the creation of profiles in the Firefox browser, in each of which you can register proxies for working with a separate group of sites.

Proxy Switcher interface

Proxy SwitchySharp

A plugin that allows you to switch between proxies depending on the needs of each user. The main functions of the extension: changing the settings scheme inside the browser itself, quickly adding rules to view the Internet resource, support for different OS.

Proxy SwitchySharp interface

Proxy SwitchyOmega

One of the best free extensions for Chrome, which can greatly simplify the use of proxies in the browser and automatically switch between them. Also in Proxy SwitchyOmega, the host template defines the scheme for all URLs in the domain.

Proxy SwitchyOmega interface