How to set up a proxy for SBot SilkRoad Online

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SBot - is a popular and the most powerful bot for SilkRoad Online. It can grow your character easily, farm mobs, auto-login and the auto-reconnect option is supported and many other functions! But how to set up a proxy for SBot and avoid a ban? Let see.

Need a proxy server working not only in one program but for all network connections? Instructions for configuring proxies through the Proxifier program.

Step-by-step proxy settings in SBot

  1. Open your SBot. Scroll down the list.

    Open SBot

  2. Press the Extra/Proxy button.

    Press the «Extra/Proxy»

  3. Scroll down the opened category. You could see the Proxy options field. Put a tick of Use SOCKS v5 proxy and Use authentication. Enter the IP, port, login and password data. Such information usually can be found in order submission mail. If you have bought elite proxy servers socks5 from Proxy-Seller, then such information will be duplicated in your personal control panel.

    Put a tick of «Use SOCKS v5 proxy» and «Use authentication». Enter the IP, port, login and password data.

That all. The configuration is done properly, you should make other settings depends on the game. From this moment the game will use this proxy server to log into your accounts.