Proxy settings in Swft AIO for IOS

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What is Swft AIO and why proxy servers are important to it

SwftAIO is a specialized software bot designed for iOS and MacOS, offering a variety of practical functions for automating online purchases on popular websites. One of its key benefits is the ability to automatically take advantage of regional benefits such as promotions, discounts, and access to goods specific to a particular region. Proxies are essential for the functioning of the application as they ensure safe usage, anonymity, and the ability to bypass geographical restrictions.

What type of proxies to use for Swft AIO

The top priority for the SwftAIO application is to use high-quality proxy servers. To avoid wasting time on creating profiles, linking payment cards, and verifying them, it's crucial to use only fast and private proxies for SwftAIO. Using public (shared) proxies will not work and result in account blocking and bans.

How to set up the SwftAIO proxy

Setting up IP addresses is not difficult, just follow these simple steps.

  1. Navigate to the main menu of the bot and select the "proxy" section by clicking on the relevant item.
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  3. In the upper right corner of the bot, click on the "+" icon to open the proxy server setting window.
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  5. Enter the proxy details in the format of "IP address:port". If authentication is required, input the details in the following format "IP address:port:username:password", then click the "Save" button to apply the entered information.
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The proxies you added are now ready for use.

Individual proxies for SwftAIO from Proxy-Seller

The service provides the opportunity to purchase high-speed, private proxies specifically for use with SwftAIO. These proxies are exclusively assigned to one user and boast high technical specifications such as a speed of 1 Gbps, simultaneous support for HTTP(s), Socks5, widespread availability with over 70 countries in their list of geolocations, an UpTime of 99%, and other features. These proxies are perfect for software operation, giving you a millisecond advantage over potential competitors while keeping your identity anonymous and protecting your data, including payment information, with reliability.