How to set up a proxy in Kodai Sneaker Bot

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The Kodai AIO Bot is a robust resale bot designed for Nike, Supreme, and other platforms, streamlining the purchase of shoes and various products online. It empowers users to enhance and secure their online endeavors without the need for intricate or costly software. With Kodai, you'll never miss a sneaker release. In this article, we offer comprehensive, step-by-step instructions on configuring a proxy in the Kodai AIO Bot to prevent IP blocking and enable more cost-effective purchases.

Step-by-step proxy setup in Kodai AIO Bot

  1. Open the sneaker bot and navigate to the “Proxies” tab.


  2. In the provided line, enter the proxy information in the format: ip:port:username:password. This information will be used by the bot for purchasing shoes in the future.


  3. Perform a connection test by clicking "Test Proxies". In the new window, select the proxy you wish to test from the drop-down menu on the right (as shown in the screenshot, it’s labeled as "Test"). Enter the URL you intend to access using the configured proxy, and then click the test button.


  4. Once the testing is complete, save the proxy settings.


You are now prepared to launch Kodai and work with Shopify using the configured proxy. Initiate purchases or other transactions as needed.