Error: Windows could not detect this network’s proxy settings

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What do users do when they turn on their personal computer and find that there is no Internet? That's right, they diagnose Windows networks and in a large number of cases receive the error message "Windows could not detect this network’s proxy settings". How terrible this breakdown is and how to solve the problem we will understand further.

What happened to my Internet?

Both physical problems and a software malfunction can cause these messages. Factors such as:

  • Poor cable or Wi-Fi network connection;
  • Router failure;
  • Due to conflicting software updates;
  • Using a low-quality proxy server, as a result, Windows does not detect the ego (You can always find a high-quality proxy in our Proxy-Seller).


Solving the problem

The first and simplest thing to do is to check the physical performance of your equipment. Restart your personal computer, disconnect and reconnect the network cable. Do a cold reboot of the router by disconnecting it from the network for a few minutes, reset to factory settings if you know how to configure it again.

If the above steps are not effective, the problem may be a software failure. It is likely that your operating system does not save the settings or that they have changed. In most cases, this problem is solved in two stages. The first involves resetting the network settings, the second resetting the proxy server settings.

It depends on which version of Windows you have installed (10, 8, 7), some points may differ, but basically, the process is the same.

Windows 10

Resetting network settings in Windows 10 is very easy.

  1. Go to "Windows Settings" to do this, press the Win key, or click the mice in the lower-left corner of the "Start" menu in which we select "Settings".
  2. 1.png

  3. Among the Windows parameters, we are interested in the "Network and Internet" section, where on the left side of the list we switch to the "Status" window.
  4. 2.png

  5. Scroll to the bottom of the "Status" window and click on the link "Network reset".
  6. 6.png

  7. Confirm the reset by pressing the corresponding button.


  8. Resetting proxy settings is also very easy. Inside the "Network and Internet" settings, just go from the "Status" window to the "Proxy" window in which we sequentially disable all the parameters responsible for the automatic and manual configuration of the proxy server.
  9. 4.png

Windows 8

If you decide to reset the settings in figure eight, you will have to run the cmd command-line application with administrative rights.

  1. In the Windows 8 search bar, enter the cmd request. By clicking on the application with the right mouse button, we call the context menu with which we launch the latter on behalf of the administrator by selecting the item "Run as administrator".


  2. In the application window, in order, launch two commands for execution. The first is netsh winsock reset (responsible for resetting Winsock, returns the default settings to the wsock32.dll library). Second netsh int ip reset c:\netshlog.txt (responsible for resetting all TCP / IP protocol settings).
  3. 8.jpg

  4. For the changes to take effect, it is important to restart the operating system.
  5. The next step is to reset the local network settings. In the search bar, drive in the query "Internet Options" and launch the "Internet Properties" settings window. Here, on the "Connections" tab at the bottom of the window, click on the "LAN Settings" button.
  6. 8.jpg



  7. We remove all the checkmarks and save the settings made by simply clicking on the "OK" buttons.
  8. 13.jpg

Windows 7

In the seventh, the error "It was not possible to automatically detect the proxy settings of this network" is solved similarly to the option for Windows 8. And to be precise, it was inherited from the seven by the next generations of Microsoft systems.

Lifehack of last hope

In many cases, the error is resolved by restoring the system through the standard Windows options "Update and Security", the "Recovery" window. Updates and crashes when they start often create a problem, and system rollback is a very effective tool.

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