How to set up a proxy in GhostBrowser

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Ghost Browser allows users to create multiple browser sessions and simultaneously log in to different accounts on the same site. The main advantage of the Ghost browser is the ability to easily configure proxies for several tabs. This function allows you to manage different accounts from one browser window.

Features of Ghost Browser:

  • isolating and managing various identities online at the IP level;
  • assigning different types of proxies for each tab in a more acceptable way;
  • compatibility with the present set of Chrome extensions;
  • the ability to save tabs in the groups and open them to avoid interface inconvenience.

Video guide for setting up a proxy in GhostBrowser

Step-by-step proxy configuration for Ghost Browser

GhostBrowser - according to the name of the program it is a browser. One of the best anti detect browsers that exist. It is free to use. It has a very powerful functions such as color-coded sessions that have separate cookie jars, so you can log into multiple accounts. Chrome extensions are supported by this browser. Let’s take a look at the proxy configuration.

  1. Open the Ghost browser, press on the “Ghost Proxy Control” button and then, press the “Add/Edit Proxies” button.


  2. In the newly opened window open the “Add Bulk Proxies” menu button and then, press the “Export Sample File”.


  3. You should generate a CSV file, so by pressing “Export Sample File” you will download the template. Fill in the proxy list as in the example below. Here are two examples of filled up documents, proxy with login and password, and with the IP authentication methods. Every entered point has to be separated by “,” symbol.


  4. After making the CSV file import this list by pressing the “Import Proxy List” button.


  5. Now, you can test your proxies in the “Test Proxies” menu, put a required link, we will use the “” and press the “Test” button.


  6. The result will be displayed in a pop-up window. As you can see all proxies are successfully configured and ready to use. For anonymous work in Ghost Browser, we recommend using premium German proxy.
  7. 6.png

That’s all, the configuration is done correctly and our proxies are ready to use!