Top 10 services and programs for Web Scraping

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Data scraping has become an integral part of the work of marketers, SEO specialists, SMM, and content managers, allowing you to access constantly up-to-date data and use it in a quality manner for your purposes.

Applications and services for scraping

You can find a large number of data collection software on the Internet, both free and paid, more advanced options are available that can be installed on your devices or accessed online through web browsers. The Proxy-Seller company has chosen the Top 10 popular programs and services for scraping, with their help you can always get the desired result.

What is Screaming Frog

Screaming Frog Seo Spider is an XPath-based program designed for custom scraping and extensive site auditing. It is rightfully considered the benchmark for data collection and analytics. Despite the cumbersome interface, the menu is well structured, users can always quickly and easily access important information.

Screaming Frog has the following features:

  • Data scraping of sites;
  • Detailed audit for SEO indicators of web pages;
  • Collection of metadata and headers;
  • Monitoring of working and non-working links;
  • Work with sitemap and robot.txt;
  • Proxy support allows to use of 500 addresses in the free version and unlimited (depending on the number of proxies) in the paid one;
  • Detailed tutorials and documentation.

The software is compatible with Windows, macOS, and Ubuntu operating systems.

Scraper API

If you know one of the popular programming languages ​​for the Internet (PHP, Python, Ruby, or NodeJS), then this online service is perfect for you to solve problems related to data scraping. One of the advantages of the form of fast information gathering is the unlimited use of proxy in the Scraper API.

Scraper API features:

  • Support for up to 40 million IP addresses simultaneously;
  • A dozen convenient locations;
  • Java Script support;
  • Automatic captcha bypass;
  • Unlimited bandwidth.

Key Collector

The program was created as a tool for organizing the semantic core, automating the routine processes of parsing and preparing reports on the most effective search queries. Private proxy servers for Key Collector, which can be purchased on the Proxy-Seller website, can significantly minimize the time for data collection.

Key Collector features:

  • Automatic collection of keywords, it is possible to configure 50 different parameters and simultaneously use 30 sources of information;
  • Using a variety of filters and analysis systems to get the best results;
  • Structuring and labeling groups to create complex projects;
  • The semantic core of Key Collector allows you to conveniently work with data without splitting it into many separate files;
  • Analysis of groups in automatic mode;
  • Option for negative keywords;
  • Search for explicit and implicit duplicates.

The application is compatible with all representatives of the Windows family starting from the seventh version. Requires installation of .NET Framework 4.8 and Microsoft Visual C++ packages (Redistributable for Visual Studio 2015, 2017, and 2019 versions).


SpyWords is an online tool (service) for content managers, SEO specialists, and internet marketers. The main purpose is to search for keywords and queries on competitor sites and search engines. SpyWords features include:

  • Quick and high-quality analysis of sites;
  • Collecting, creating, and obtaining a semantic core;
  • Search for keywords with maximum traffic from competitors;
  • Determining the position of the site in search engines for pre-specified queries;
  • Collection of keywords from contextual advertising;
  • Comprehensive SEO optimization;
  • Automatic budget calculation based on collected data.

The service specializes in parsing search queries and keywords of competitors, followed by data structuring, automatic analysis, and selection of important information. It will help highlight the most effective strategy for attracting traffic. benefits include:

  • One of the largest databases of keywords has more than 120 million (highlighting tops);
  • High quality of key queries verified through Wordstat (hints and queries from analytics);
  • Creation of group reports, unlimited number of domains (batch analysis);
  • Comparison of sites;
  • Gathering and filtering ideas for a content plan and new sites.
  • Automatic keyword combinator;
  • Highlighting unique queries and words (highlighting tops);
  • History of SERP issues.

Rush Analytics

Rush Analytics is an online service that provides high-quality automation tools for PPC (Pay Per Click - buying traffic through clicks from other sites) and SEO (search engine promotion), as well as analyzing related data. All tools are grouped into four blocks:

  • Site monitoring which includes verification of regional positions, search results analysis of competitors, top 10 positions check, keywords, tags, and headings changes on sites, and of course, site indexing;
  • Semantic core (Collection of keywords and their particular hints. Clustering by Soft Hard method, automatic site structuring);
  • Text analysis. Formation of technical tasks for copywriters, analysis of occurrences of word forms and keywords, analysis of anchors, and fragments. Recommends how to optimize the text for each page. Exporting tasks for analyzing texts are available;
  • PBN. Includes bulk checking of domain names, as well as their keywords. Checking texts for spam backlinks, collecting their parameters. Search for spam in content, and restore sites from archives.

Netpeak Checker

The program was created for parsing search results, as well as data aggregation from the best SEO services, global analysis, and comparison of websites. The Netpeak Checker app is perfect for SEO studios and agencies, individual SEO consultants, and large SEO teams. Among the main advantages are:

  • General data spreadsheet obtained from popular services;
  • Scraping of search results from Bing, Google, Yahoo, and Yandex by the requests for locations, languages, countries, as well as diverse content;
  • Bulk check in search engines of page indexing, taking into account the time, date of caching in these systems, and links with websites;
  • Automatic captcha bypass;
  • Support for proxy servers, by the way, on our website you can purchase specially configured ones for Netpeak Checker;
  • Compatible with Google's PageSpeed ​​Insights, data is aggregated across more than 30 dimensions.


A-Parser is a multi-threaded program for parsing information in search engines, popular site evaluation services, various content, and keywords. The software is compatible with Linux and Windows operating systems also works through a web interface and provides the ability to create advanced parsers using programming languages ​​such as JavaScript, NodeJS, and TypeScript. Due to the support of proxy servers, A-Parser performs tasks much faster than many competitors. Among the advantages it should be noted:

  • Increased performance due to multithreading, up to 10,000 threads simultaneously;
  • Parser constructor with or without code. Using ready-made modules or writing data collectors in JavaScript;
  • Constructor for creating queries and processing results;
  • Ability to substitute data from files;
  • Many different options to filter out unnecessary information;
  • Uniqueization of results according to preliminary parameters;
  • Settings without any restrictions, including import-export from files;
  • Ability to integrate parsers into your programs and scripts.


One of the popular online services that allow you to qualitatively parse data. Due to a variety of templates and visual programming, you can create scraping of any complexity, from popular online stores to social networks. Octoparse is perfect for those who have no experience with this type of service. The main features of Octoparse are:

  • Using templates for popular sites;
  • Ability to scrape dynamic content;
  • Setting up parsing according to the schedule;
  • Proxy support with automatic rotation of IP addresses;
  • API compatibility.

Web Scraper

This online service gained its popularity due to a simple, visual editor (programming) of parsers. You can use Web Scraper in Chrome and Firefox browsers by installing the appropriate extensions. Using the service, you can easily create sitemaps using selectors of various types. After extracting the data, users can easily adapt it to other (own) sites.

Key features:

  • Multi-threaded work;
  • Proxy support with automatic rotation;
  • Compatibility with API;
  • Scheduled launch with presets;
  • Possibility of integration for Dropbox.
  • JavaScript processing.

Proxy for data scraping from Proxy-Seller

Many online services and scraping software support proxies. The Proxy-Seller company is engaged in configuring high-quality private proxy servers for data scraping. They not only allow you to significantly speed up the process of collecting information but also bypass many restrictions and blocking. With our scraping proxies, you get complete anonymity, and you can easily collect data in bulk, without fear of the protective algorithms of search engines and popular websites.

To purchase a proxy for scraping on Proxy-Seller, you just need to select a location, and a suitable package, indicate the rental period and make a payment.