Top 4 proxy extensions for Mozilla Firefox

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If you need to manage proxy servers while working in the Firefox browser, proxy extensions are an excellent tool. They enable easy activation, deactivation, and switching between proxies directly within the browser window. The Firefox add-on store features a variety of extensions for IP management. Let's examine the top 4 best extensions for Firefox, selected based on their ratings and functionality, along with details on setting up proxies in them.

Foxy Proxy


The Foxy Proxy Standard extension is highly regarded and multifunctional, available in the Mozilla store, and is particularly well-suited for advanced users. It allows for detailed configuration of proxy usage conditions, automating the process of switching between them. Beyond manually activating a chosen proxy from the list, Foxy Proxy Standard offers several capabilities:

  • Activating specific proxies for individual browser tabs;
  • Using the designated proxy only within a particular Firefox container;
  • Applying a new IP address when navigating to a specified URL;
  • Enabling the proxy in incognito mode;
  • Utilizing PAC scripts for automated proxy management.

Proxy activation templates can be configured in the “Templates” section of the configuration window, which also includes a template tester to verify the setup's functionality. Additional features in the settings menu include options to delete, rearrange, and duplicate proxy servers.


The Foxy Proxy plugin offers a convenient way to organize a large list of proxy servers by allowing you to assign identifiers such as proxy color, country flag, and name. In the main menu, accessed by clicking the extension icon, you can set a specific IP address for the open tab and exclude the use of this proxy for the selected host. Additionally, you can access the log to view proxy usage logs.


Additional features of Foxy Proxy include the ability to import and export all proxy server settings, including templates. In the extension settings, there is also an option to disable WebRTC, which helps prevent the leakage of your real IP address through this technology.


In the browser extension settings, you can configure hotkeys to facilitate quicker management of proxy servers.


The “Help” section provides a detailed overview of the functions available in the extension and instructions on how to use them. It also includes links for contacting the extension manager and creating a support ticket with the developers.


How to set up a proxy in Foxy Proxy

The extension supports the configuration of both public and private proxy servers. For handling important tabs, it is recommended to use private proxies. Instructions on how to configure a proxy in FoxyProxy are detailed in this article.

Proxy SwitchyOmega


The Firefox Proxy extension, SwitchyOmega, offers an array of options that rank it among the most feature-rich and user-friendly tools available. Here are the main features provided by this plugin:

  • Creation and convenient management of different types of profiles;
  • Auto Switch function that automatically activates a specific proxy based on rules;
  • Capability to utilize PAC files for advanced configuration;
  • Integration with system proxy settings when needed;
  • A feature for importing and exporting profile settings and rules, which facilitates easy transfer to other devices or backups.

Proxy SwitchyOmega features four distinct types of profiles, each designed for different purposes. Before setting up a proxy, it is necessary to select the appropriate profile type:

  • “Proxy Profile”: this is a standard profile for setting up a specific proxy to route all traffic through.
  • “Switch Profile”: this profile allows the configuration of conditions, such as specific URLs, which will automatically trigger changes to the IP address or disable it entirely.
  • “PAC Profile”: enables the use of a PAC file, which is an automatic proxy configuration script containing JavaScript code that determines the appropriate proxy for each user request.
  • “Virtual Profile”: combines the functions of other profiles and rules, providing detailed control over proxy settings for complex management scenarios.


To create a “Switch Profile” in the Proxy SwitchyOmega extension, use the “Auto Switch” function. Here's how to set it up:

  1. When creating a new profile, choose the “Switch Profile” type.
  2. Add a rule based on specific conditions such as URL, domain, keywords, or IP address. For example, you can configure a rule to use a proxy only for websites containing certain keywords in their URL. If necessary, rules can also be imported.
  3. Once the rules are set, save your settings to apply them.

With this configuration, Proxy SwitchyOmega automatically checks the specified rules when visiting websites and chooses the appropriate proxy profile or opts for a direct connection if indicated by the settings.


The detailed control offered by Proxy SwitchyOmega makes it ideal for situations requiring frequent IP address changes. This extension is widely used for bypassing geographic restrictions, as well as for testing, automation, and other specialized activities.

How to set up a proxy in Proxy SwitchyOmega

The Proxy SwitchyOmega extension supports various proxy protocols, including HTTP/S and SOCKS4/5. It allows the use of both public and private proxies. Detailed instructions for setting up a proxy in Proxy SwitchyOmega are provided in this article.

Best Proxy Switcher


The Best Proxy Switcher extension for Firefox features a straightforward interface, with proxy management facilitated directly from the main menu of the extension. Here are the main features of this plugin:

  • Own database of public proxy servers available to all users;
  • Access to several premium proxies that encrypt user traffic;
  • Ability to enable and disable proxies using a hotkey combination;
  • Support for bulk download of proxy lists, including the ability to import from a file;
  • Premium subscription offering unlimited access to premium VPN proxy servers and automatic downloading of shared proxy servers.


Additionally, Best Proxy Switcher provides a guide on how to use the extension effectively.

How to set up a proxy in Best Proxy Switcher

To use a proxy server in this extension, it must first be added to the proxy list. Detailed instructions on how to do this are provided in this article.

Hide My IP VPN


Hide My IP is a versatile extension for Firefox that combines VPN service capabilities with proxy server management. Here are the features it provides:

  • Utilizes a database of VPN gateways to change the IP address;
  • Allows the addition of your own proxy list;
  • Masks browser data that contribute to the user’s digital fingerprint;
  • Disables the HTTP request header "referer" to conceal the referral source from web resources;
  • Enables specifying exception sites where proxies should not be applied.


The Hide My IP extension is available for free, but a subscription unlocks access to a broader array of VPN gateways. Additionally, it offers an affiliate program: if a user refers to a friend who subscribes, they receive a 40% discount. If 10 referred users install and subscribe, the original referrer earns a month of free access to the paid version.

How to set up a proxy in Hide My IP VPN

The Hide My IP extension can be installed from the official Firefox store. Here's how to set it up:

  1. Start by registering an account using your email address and password. Click on the “Register” button.


  2. Click on the gear icon at the bottom of the extension's main menu.


  3. Select the option to configure your own proxy from the list.


  4. In the popup window, input the proxy details. For private proxies, use the following format “username:password:IP-address:port”. For public proxies, use “IP-address:port”. Click the “Save proxy list” button.


  5. Your proxies will now be listed in the main menu, ready for activation. The extension icon will display the flag of the proxy's country.


This completes the setup of the Hide My IP extension, allowing you to download and switch between an unlimited number of IP addresses for free.

Recommendations for choosing an extension for Mozilla Firefox

To help you decide which proxy extension is best for your needs in Mozilla Firefox, let's review the pros and cons of each extension in a comparative table based on the features and functionalities discussed above.

Foxy Proxy


  • Supports the bulk import of proxy lists;
  • Overall advanced functionality with proxy inclusion template setup;
  • Ability to import and export settings;
  • Hotkey assignment for main extension functions;
  • Management of other digital fingerprint parameters, such as WebRTC;
  • Multilingual: the extension adapts to the browser's language;
  • Detailed documentation on the use of each function.


  • Complex interface, overloaded with functionalities, not necessary for the average user;
  • Documentation with usage instructions is only available in English.

Proxy Switchy Omega


  • Advanced functionality with the ability to configure profiles of various types for tasks of any complexity;
  • Function for automating proxy switching under certain conditions;
  • PAC script support;
  • Import and export settings;
  • Easy switching between profiles from the main menu of the extension.


  • To load a proxy list, you need to separately manually enter the data from each proxy when setting up the profile;
  • Supports only English interface.

Best Proxy Switcher


  • Simple interface;
  • Ability to enable and disable proxies using hotkeys;
  • Can configure multiple proxy servers at once;
  • Has a function to import a file with a list of proxy servers.


  • Cannot set conditions for enabling proxies;
  • Limited functionality.

Hide My IP VPN


  • Changes not only the IP address but also some digital fingerprint parameters;
  • Can integrate a large list of proxies;
  • Built-in list of VPN tunnels;
  • Free proxy server configuration functionality.


  • No function for automatic proxy switching or hotkeys for ease of management;
  • Does not work in all regions;
  • Not all features are free; a paid subscription is required to use the VPN.

Considering the pros, cons, and primary features of the proxy extensions for the Firefox browser, here are some recommendations.

Foxy Proxy and SwitchyOmega are extensions for advanced users who primarily seek the ability to automatically manage proxy servers. Their features are particularly useful for specialists, such as those involved in website testing, who require frequent changes to IP addresses based on the resources they access. Best ProxySwitcher is ideal for daily proxy use, enabling users to bypass geographical restrictions or site blocks with its simple interface and hotkey functionality for quick proxy disabling. Hide My IP VPN is also recommended for similar uses, providing effective tools for privacy and access to restricted content.