Popular proxy extensions for Firefox - TOP 5

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This collection includes the most popular proxy extensions for Mozilla Firefox. This is the TOP-5 of the most effective browser-based tools to improve the security of work on the Internet. Also, using any of the plugins listed below, you can access blocked sites and even increase the speed of your Internet connection with them.

Hide My IP VPN

Hide My IP VPN interface

The Hide My IP extension is developed to allow the user to hide the actual IP address and gain access to any website where access is blocked to him. No complicated configurations are required. You can use this VPN service in one click.

The principle of the Hide My IP plugin is based on the use of anonymous VPN proxies from the database. Each of them has a connection speed of 100 megabits per second and allows you to encrypt your Internet connection, including DNS queries.

ExpressVPN: VPN Proxy

ExpressVPN: VPN Proxy interface

The ExpressVPN plugin allows you to connect a VPN to your Mozilla browser with one click. The extension will help you to hide your real location by misleading the HTML5 geolocation service. Also, using the WebRTC plugin, you can block the action of WebRTC, due to which websites will not be able to access not only your location but also the actual IP address.

Using ExpressVPN, you will have at your disposal a high-speed VPN network and one of the 3000 VPN servers located in 160 locations around the world.

FastProxy Russia / Ukraine

FastProxy interface

The FastProxy extension is available in two versions: for Ukraine and for Russia. It is considered one of the easiest, but effective ways to get around sites blocks. Using the plugin will not affect the page loading speed in the browser in any way since its operation starts only when switching to blocked web resources.

The plugin works for free and without ads. The list of blocked sites for residents of your country is regularly updated automatically.

CyberGhost Proxy Plugin

CyberGhost Proxy Plugin interface

The CyberGhost proxy plugin will be useful to you to encrypt browser traffic. Using it, you can be 100% sure that attackers will not be able to track what you are doing on the network and sites you visit.

The proxy plugin CyberGhost is based on the Ethereum blockchain. Such a blockchain guarantees that your data will remain confidential. The proxy plugin will act strictly according to the specified program, eliminating censorship from other web resources and attempts of Internet fraud.

You can use CyberGhost for free from anywhere in the world.

For anonymous browser usage, UK proxy will work perfectly.

Best Proxy Switcher

Best Proxy Switcher interface

The extension can work on the basis of your proxy or the proposed server database. If you do not rent a proxy, you can use the three-day test period, during which you can download a list of suitable proxy servers from the developer`s site. For 9.99 USD you get constant access to the updated server database from Best Proxy Switcher, consisting of 10,000 proxies from around the world.

The cons of using servers from the database are that they break the connection and are used not only by you but also by anyone who wants to. The most effective solution to hide your actual IP address and bypass the block of sites is to rent an anonymous proxy server. You can order high-speed proxies for individual use at Proxy-Seller.