How to set up ScrapeBox with an elite proxy?

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ScrapeBox - the most powerful and popular SEO tool of its kind! Used by SEO Companies and Freelancers from all over the world. But to improve such a powerful tool you should know how to use elite proxy servers. Do you know what is a proxy: methods of use, types?

Video guide for setting up a proxy in ScrapeBox

Step-by-step proxy settings in ScrapeBox

  1. Open your application and put a tick at the “Use Proxies” box.

    Put a tick at the «Use Proxies» box

  2. Press the “Edit” button.

    Press the «Edit» button

  3. Depending on the authentication method of the elite proxy you have bought, type in the data as in the example below. The “Hostname” is an IP address.

    Type in the data as in the example below

  4. Save the proxy settings and after, you can proxies appear in the “Select Harvester and Proxies” field.
  5. Select all of your added proxies and the “Modify” button.

    Save the proxy settings

  6. Select the option “Mark all Proxies as Non-Socks proxies”. After, you should see the letter “N” under each entered proxy the “S” field.

    Select all of your added proxies and the «Modify»” button

Done! You can proceed with your complete and improved work!