Instagram IP ban challenges: Proxy-based solutions

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The issue of various restrictions on social media is becoming more and more tangible today. It is no longer possible to simply create a large number of social media accounts and massively spam messages or posts to promote your content or earn money on social media. Today, every action that violates the rules of the sites entails the risk of not only getting your account blocked but also getting an IP ban in social media.

We suggest looking at this problem in the example of one of the largest services on the network - Instagram, as the Instagram IP ban is quite a frequent problem on this platform. In this article, we will deal with the types of blocking in Instagram, what is an “open proxy” in Instagram, and what you can do if your IP has been flagged as an “open proxy”..

Understanding the basics of IP addresses

To begin with, it is worth understanding what an IP address is in general, before dealing specifically with Instagram’s IP ban. An IP address is a certain sequence of numbers that marks any device connected to the Internet. This IP address is given to you by your Internet Service Provider (ISP), so you are always assigned an IP address when you are working in the network so that services can recognize you.

The IP address always contains basic information about you, which allows sites to work with this information. Although using IP address services can not find out the exact location or any specific information about a user, some basic information will always be visible to the services, for example - the region, city, and country, because It's public information. But services can also use this information to restrict users, if the site requires this to a particular user, or say, to all users of a particular region.

How Instagram tracks your IP

Many Instagram users in general are interested in whether or not Instagram can IP ban you, and to understand whether or not we need to generally know the mechanism of how web services determine the IP address of the user and how someone can track your IP.

The process of Instagram recognizing your IP is as follows - when you try to connect to a website or app, you send a connection request to the service. But to get a successful connection response from the service, you must make it clear where to send the return request. Accordingly, this is how any web resource on the Internet determines your IP, and Instagram does the same. Already having your IP address, the system separates you from other users, and this is how the Instagram system can give you an Instagram IP ban in case of violation of any rules of the platform.

Therefore, can you get IP banned on Instagram? Generally yes, it's more than possible. And already having this blocking prevents you from visiting the platform, even from different devices. Many users mistakenly think that using a different account can help bypass various Instagram restrictions, but this is unfortunately not the case. Even if you have several accounts, but you log in to all of them from the same IP address, the service does not separate them as different users, and just like that understand that it is the same person.

Recognizing Instagram's restrictions: Bans and Blocks

If we deal with what affects IP bans, the main factor is abuse or violation of the site's terms of service, which triggers a tracking mechanism on your IP address. To clearly understand that you got an Instagram IP ban, it is necessary to separate it from other types of blocking in Instagram and sort out what types of blocking, in general, exist on this platform.

Action block

An action block is a restriction from the platform itself that prevents you from doing any actions, but your account won’t be blocked. This restriction can be expressed in the inability to send messages to other users, like, or comment on any publications.

Usually, you can get such a restriction if you have just abused any actions on the platform, say, massively sent messages to other users or shared your account with a service that helps you get more likes or followers. In that case, Instagram decided to restrict you for a while and this type of blocking is accompanied by a corresponding message from the platform.

The good news is that this is one of the easiest types of blocking, and usually, it is temporary and after some time you can again engage in normal activities on the platform.

бан в инстаграм.png


Shadowban is a more problematic type of blocking, simply because you don't have any specific notification from Instagram that you've received any restrictions. This type of blocking manifests itself in the fact that your posts will not be visible to other users, just like your stories. Any hashtags you try to create will also be hidden from all users, and your comments and likes under other posts will not be counted in the stats.

Generally, you can get blocked if you also violate any of the many rules of the platform, usually because of scaling the number of subscribers or likes, as this is the main trigger for Instagram to give your account a shadow ban.

Instagram IP ban

Instagram IP ban is the most problematic type of blocking because in this case, Instagram blocks you from accessing your account from your IP address. Usually, this type of blocking is accompanied by an error that states that “Instagram recognized your IP address as an open proxy”. In this case, the conclusion is disappointing because this message means that Instagram blocked your IP address.

Most often Instagram IP ban appeals when you try to use bots or try to bypass the restrictions of Instagram in any way aggressively enough, but there are cases when blocking happens to ordinary users as well, so do not underestimate this danger. In this case, it is also appropriate to consider all the possible signs of IP blocking.

Identifying an Instagram IP Ban: Key Indicators

How to know if Instagram blocked my IP address? Understanding how Instagram flags IP addresses is crucial for users to navigate potential bans and restrictions. You can verify the presence or absence of this type of blocking in the following ways:

  • You can distinguish this type of blocking from others by the corresponding message when you try to access your account - "The IP address that you are using has been flagged as an open proxy". But despite getting this message, you can still try a few options to try and solve this problem.
  • бан в инстаграм 2.png

  • Try clearing your browser's cache and cookie files. In this way, the previous data about the visit to the page will disappear and you may be able to connect.
  • If the result is the same, try using a different browser and ideally a different device connected to the same network. If Instagram is still blocked and refused to connect, then unfortunately the conclusion is disappointing - you have received an Instagram IP ban.

Now, let's delve into how the IP ban occur on Instagram. Platform flags IP addresses that exhibit behavior consistent with open proxy usage. An Instagram IP address that was recognized as open proxy is a red flag for the platform, as it poses a potential security risk. Understanding how Instagram flags IP addresses is crucial for users to navigate potential bans and restrictions, so let's take a look at what an open proxy is in the case of Instagram.

What does "fla​​gged as an open proxy" mean?

The error "The IP address you are using has been flagged as an open proxy" means that your IP address has been flagged by the system as one that has been used for any prohibited Instagram purposes or seen on multiple abusive accounts. Simply put - your IP address is now on Instagram's Blacklist.

In case you are sure that you have yet to do any actions that could be considered by Instagram as contrary to the rules of their platform, you should contact your internet provider to clarify the situation. Perhaps the ISP itself is not too conscientious and probably just selling some of your traffic, but it's unlikely you'll be able to resolve the issue directly with the ISP. So the option is to change your ISP to another one, but before you do that you should check your device for malware and other issues, because it may well turn out that the ISP itself has nothing to do with it, because most often the cause of this problem is the ports that are opened by some malware, and it is the problem that should be checked first.

We will give some simple recommendations that will help to solve this problem:

  • Check if your operating system has virus protection enabled. You should also update to the latest security patches.
  • Run a scan on the device using a trusted antivirus with a high malware detection rate. There is also anti-malware software available on the web that can also be used to solve this problem.
  • Identify unfamiliar devices connected to your network through your router settings and if any - disconnect them. Change your Wifi password, as someone in the neighborhood may be causing you this problem by accessing your internet.
  • You should also check your firewall, as it acts as a kind of barrier between your device and the internet. Here you should close unnecessary ports if you have them open, check outbound rules to control traffic and block suspicious outbound connections if any are detected.

Preventing an Instagram IP ban

If we try to reduce everything to a simple and short recommendation, then all you need to do to avoid getting an Instagram IP ban is to follow the rules of the platform. But this is a rather vague definition, and we will try to give some specific practical advice:

  • First of all, you need to keep an eye on the content you publish. It should not contain any overtly provocative content, aggressive or harmful. You also need to be mindful of other people's intellectual property, if you use someone else's images that are protected by copyright. Such massive violations can also lead to an Instagram IP block, so don't underestimate this point.
  • Instagram is extremely sensitive to spam from users, so even if you don't use specialized bots for this purpose, watch that your activity is not too aggressive. This applies not only to private messaging but also to posts you make from your account. Your behavior should be as similar to a normal user as possible, in which case there should be no problems.
  • One of the most important triggers for IP blocking is trying to create multiple accounts from the same IP address. According to Instagram rules, you can create no more than 5 accounts from one IP address, and any exceeding of this limit greatly increases the risk of blocking all accounts that were created from this IP address, so be sure to take these risks into account.
  • It is necessary to understand that Instagram algorithms do not block IP addresses without a reason, and if you are sure that you have not done anything like that, you should check your device for viruses, avoid downloading gray/black content, check open ports or consider changing your Internet provider to another one.

Reliably you cannot know how long Instagram blocks your IP address, because Instagram does not give such information when blocking by IP address. And most often such a ban is permanent, so do not hope that the restrictions will disappear by themselves or you will be able to successfully appeal them. Here you will have to look for alternative ways to solve this problem. But don't despair, because even if Instagram blocked your IP address, it doesn't mean you can't access your account, and there are solutions to this problem! These are the ones we propose to talk about.

Solutions for an Instagram IP ban

The most important question in this situation is - what to do about the Instragam IP ban? There are two main ways here:

  • The first is to try to unblock access directly, specifically through Instagram support. Let's say right away that the chance of success here is extremely minimal, especially if from your side still see any actions that violate the rules of the site. Therefore, you need to consider other options.
  • The second option - to change the IP address. To find out how to bypass Instagram block, the answer is quite simple - Instagram proxy. Since Instagram has blocked you by IP, you can no longer enter from the previous address, but you can replace it with another one. It is in this situation Instagram proxies become a great find because with their help, you can scale the number of accounts and with the right application of proxies in this area they become an indispensable tool.

In a nutshell, a proxy is an IP address intermediary, and with it, you can trick services into substituting your IP address with another one, thus making proxies a great solution to bypass the IP ban. But it is also worth considering that proxies should also be chosen carefully. At the moment there are quite a few different types of proxies on the Internet, and even though you can open Instagram from any type of proxy, not all proxies are universal for all tasks. It's quite easy to get confused with them, especially for an inexperienced user, but there is one universal and high-quality format that will help you in an Instagram IP block situation, and we'll talk about it next.

The power of Residential proxies for Instagram

Today in the world of proxies, there is one powerful and versatile tool that will fit almost any task, and Instagram in particular. This solution is Residential proxies. This is the most trusted type of proxy at the moment because IP addresses in this case come from real people. Some users are ready to give part of their traffic to proxy services, thus you have the opportunity to get the IP address of a real user. The ISP on such an IP address will also appear as a home one, provided by the local ISP.

Now, let's explore how to change my IP address using Residential proxies. By utilizing Residential proxies, you essentially switch your IP address to that of a real user, ensuring a more authentic and legitimate online presence. This not only provides a significant advantage over other types of proxies but also addresses concerns about the purity of the IP itself, as a real ISP genuinely issues it to a real person.

From this point of view, Instagram cannot complain about the purity of the IP itself, and this is quite a significant advantage over other types of proxies, but at the same time, it is not all the possibilities that Residential proxies provide.

  • Access to geo-restricted content - Instagram is blocked in many countries around the world, and in this regard, proxies allow you to bypass this restriction, as you can purchase a proxy of any other country where such restrictions do not exist, with the ability to choose among more than 200 countries.
  • Geo-targeting - with residential proxies, you can choose a proxy not just from another country, you can quite flexibly choose the region, city, and even Internet provider you need. For this purpose, for example, it is quite convenient to run ads in different regions, and thus you can scale your product in the most interesting countries and regions.
  • Convenient usage for any task - Residential proxies are not only the most trusted type of proxies, but they are also quite a convenient tool for working with different local tasks. They are designed in such a way that you can download large lists of proxies, mix different locations in them at will, set the possibility of rotation with the range you need, and with many other convenient features. This allows Residential proxies to be the most convenient tool for such tasks as web scraping or mass registration of accounts.

Therefore, if we still choose the best option among all types of proxies, then these are Residential proxies, as it is a guarantee of purity and safety of the purchased IP addresses.

Should you use free proxies for Instagram?

At the same time, it is highly not recommended to use free proxies for Instagram, as using such proxies not only doesn't give you any benefits but also puts your accounts at great risk of getting IP blocked from Instagram. This happens for a pretty simple reason - since proxies are free, quite a few people have already used them for every possible resource several times over. Often such proxies are listed in almost all spam bases, and any attempt to register on large websites may result in problems, so we strongly discourage the use of free proxies for such purposes.

Always remember that most often the reason for the Instagram IP ban is the user's actions, which in one way or another violated the rules of the platform, so keep a close eye on what actions you take and whether they will end up blocking your IP. And even if you have already encountered such a problem, keep in mind that there is a solution to this problem, and this solution is high-quality residential proxies.