How to use a proxy with the ProxyBonanza extension

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The easiest way to configure and use a proxy for browsing is by using a special proxy switcher extension. ProxyBonanza's Proxy Manager is one such extension, offering various connection protocols like HTTP/HTTPS, SOCKS4, and SOCKS5 for easy proxy setup. This built-in proxy manager allows you to switch between proxies at set intervals, which helps prevent detection or blocking.

Step-by-step proxy setup in the Proxybonanza

ProxyBonanza is integrated directly into the browser and doesn't require installation on a PC. It is compatible with Chrome, Opera, and Mozilla Firefox. Let's take a look at the installation process using Chrome as an example.

  1. Once the extension is installed, access the ProxyBonanza settings menu. Open the extensions panel and navigate to the extension.


  2. You can select the necessary proxies from a list or add them manually. To add data manually, click the “Add New Proxy” button.


  3. You'll then need to enter the data of the proxy server, including country, IP-address, and port. If you're using private proxies, enter your username and password. After entering the data, click “Save”. You can specify several different proxies, and they will be displayed in the general list of connections in the extension menu.


  4. To route Internet traffic through a specific proxy, select it from the general list and click “Enable”.


If you have connection problems, it is recommended to check and change your proxy server settings. In the same way, the extension is installed in the Mozilla Firefox and Opera browsers.