How to bypass the blocked websites through the proxy server

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The issue of blocking sites is hotly debated in every country. People try to bypass state page locks in different ways to visit the necessary resource. For this purpose, various programs and services are created. The United States, the European Union, the countries of the former CIS, as well as Russia, many years ago imposed a ban on visiting certain sites and continue to introduce them until now. These are pages containing obscene language, forbidden information, information for adults, propaganda topics and more. But often useful and necessary sites are blocked.

Ways to bypass blocked site or service

The Internet is a web in which almost everything is possible. Site blocking bypass is not an exception. And the process itself takes a few seconds and most often occurs automatically.

Ways to bypass the block:

If you visited the site before it was blocked, use the software features of search engines. To do this, select the following link of the saved copy. Such a transition opportunity exists in all search engines. Due to the presence of the transition through the archive, the provider does not receive certain information and the transition is possible.

  • Using cache memory.
  • Using turbo mode. A small trick in popular browsers in the form of a quick page load mode will allow you to visit prohibited sites. Since you need a minimum of traffic, it is difficult for the provider to notice a click on a blocked link. Only pages will open in a compressed format, and this is not very convenient for viewing large files and photos.
  • Using a virtual private network. This option is suitable for owners of pages on blocked social networks. In the browser settings, the extension option is selected from the ones offered in the store and starts working. As a result, you can be located in Russia, but your Internet address will be tied to a European city or a country where bans are not applied. The nuance of such an application is a paid option in order to get more access. Also, periodically, such systems may malfunction.
  • Using a Tor browser. A good idea for working anonymously with banned sites in a secure manner is the Tor browser. Even a child will cope with its installation. However, it should be used in conjunction with VPN, because, like all systems, it has not only strengths but also weaknesses.
  • Using a proxy server. A proxy server is an intermediary through which access to the site of interest will be open. Many people ask, how to access the site through a proxy? - Simply: in this case, the proxy changes your IP to the address of another country where access to the desired resource is allowed. Simple options for using a proxy server include going to the site to bypass the block. There are both free public and paid uninterrupted proxies with technical support.