Proxy tutorial for FollowLiker

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FollowLiker - is an automated social media marketing bot for the most popular social networks including Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest.

This bot has functionality as auto-follow/unfollow, auto direct messaging and commenting, auto-liking, post scheduling and more. This bot is available only for Windows, macOS and Linux users can use it through the remote Windows server.

How do set the proxy up for accounts in FollowLiker

  1. FollowLiker bot does not accept proxy servers with domain IPs (e.g. So, you will need a proxy in IP:PORT format. You can also purchase such elite proxy servers from Proxy-Seller.
  2. When you open an application, you can enter the proxy server by two methods. Let`s take a look at both.
  3. The first method. If you are using a proxy list, a program will automatically assign an unused proxy server to an account. To import a list, click on Tools Proxy Manager Learn more about why you should use the Instagram proxy.
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  5. Press the right click of the mouse on the table and select Import.
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  7. Select your proxy list document, it might be in .txt format. (Also, the format must be as follows: IP:PORT:Proxy_Username:Proxy_Password or if you are using the IP authentication proxy server - just IP:PORT)
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  9. That`s it. The program will assign your accounts automatically without any other actions.
  10. The second method. You can manually assign the proxy server to an account in a moment of adding or editing the account. The format must be as we previously mentioned.
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