How to set up a proxy in PanAIO Bot

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The PanAIO Bot is a piece of software that automates purchases on various e-commerce platforms like Zalando, ASOS, Kith, Amazon, New Balance, LVR, About You, Queue It, and others. With its user-friendly interface, anyone can use the software effectively. The bot has the ability to keep track of new products, create unlimited accounts, utilize proxy servers, and offer a scheduling feature.

Video guide for setting up a proxy in PanAIO Bot

How to set up PanAIO Bot proxy

Setting up a proxy for the PanAIO Bot is a straightforward process that can be accomplished by any user. To set up a proxy, follow these simple steps:

  1. Create a proxy server group. Go to the "PROXY" section in the left menu of the PanAIO Bot and click on the "ADD GROUP" button. Give the group a name, then click the green circle to save it.
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  3. Find the newly created group, select it, and click on the "ADD PROXY" button. In the new window, input the proxy details in the format of IP-address:port:login:password, with each detail on a separate line. Alternatively, you can copy the list of proxies from a file with a similar format. Proxies with IP authorization can also be used. Save the proxies by clicking the green circle.
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  5. To verify the added proxies, select the desired group of IP addresses and click on the "CHECK ALL" button in the proxy check menu at the bottom of the PanAIO Bot window. You can remove any proxies that fail the test, slow proxies, or all proxies as desired, using the appropriate buttons.
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It's recommended to use proxies from Proxy-Seller for the PanAIO Bot. These proxies are known for their high-speed connection channels up to 1 Gbps, low ping, and support for both HTTP(S) and Socks5. They are exclusively issued to one user for the entire lease period and are tested for operability beforehand.