Setting up a proxy in Prism AIO Sneakerbot

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Prism AIO Sneakerbot is a sneaker bot designed to automate the process of purchasing limited edition sneakers and other footwear. It utilizes various techniques such as site monitoring and captcha processing for automatic order placement of popular products before they become available to all customers. It's important to note that the use of sneaker bots may lead to account blocks by online stores in some cases. To avoid such scenarios and protect accounts, it is recommended to use proxy servers to create multiple profiles. Let's explore the types of proxy servers most relevant for Prism AIO:

  • Residential proxies are the most reliable option because they use real user addresses, making the risk of these IP addresses being blocked extremely low. A significant advantage is the ability to generate a large number of addresses and a wide selection of locations and regions.
  • ISP proxies are static proxy servers provided by internet service providers and are an excellent option due to their high-speed performance and low risk of being blocked.

To determine the most optimal option for your needs, it is recommended to test each type of proxy separately and then choose the most suitable for individual work in the sneakerbot. Given the high competition, setting up a large number of proxy servers can create multiple unique profiles to increase purchasing efficiency and reduce the risk of website blocks. Let's delve into the details of setting up a proxy in Prism AIO Sneakerbot.

How to configure a proxy in Prism AIO Sneakerbot

  1. Install and open Prism AIO Sneakerbot. In the left sidebar, go to the “Proxy List” submenu.


  2. Assign a name to the profile in the “Name” line for convenience.


  3. Enter the proxy server data in the “Proxies” line according to the sample: IP address, port, username, and password.


  4. After entering the data, press “Save” to save the profile.


  5. After saving the settings, a new profile with the specified IP address will appear. In the “Select site” field, you can choose the website with which the created profile will work. You can test the proxy connection using the “Test” button, and delete the profile by clicking “Delete”.


The proxy setup in Prism AIO Sneakerbot is complete, and the profile is ready to work with the set IP address. You can now continue managing multiple accounts for making purchases.