Configuring a proxy in the Proxy Switcher and Manager extension

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The Proxy Switcher and Manager extension enables the addition and management of proxy servers in Chrome and Firefox browsers, allowing the selected browser to use an IP address without needing to change the network. Proxy Switcher supports working with multiple proxy profiles and switching between them as needed. This extension facilitates setting up a proxy server to act as a mediator between the user's device and the network. It hides the real geolocation, ensures safe and anonymous site visits, and provides access to blocked websites.

Step-by-step proxy configuration in Proxy Switcher and Manager

To configure a proxy in Proxy Switcher and Manager, follow the step-by-step instructions.

  1. Begin by finding and installing the Proxy Switcher and Manager extension from your browser's web store.
  2. After installation, click on the extensions icon in your browser, located in the top right corner of the functional panel for Chrome, then navigate to the settings in Proxy Switcher and Manager.


  3. In the “Manual Proxy” section, assign a name to the profile in the “Profile Name” field for convenience.


  4. Next, enter the proxy server details: IP address, and port. When entering the proxy and port in the “HTTP Proxy” and “Port” fields, all values will be duplicated in the following fields by default. Choose the proxy connection protocol from the options provided in the “Server Type” field. To have the proxy work only with specific resources, enter them in the “Direct” field, separated by commas. If not needed, leave the field as is. To complete the proxy setup, click the green checkmark button.


  5. To disable and deactivate the proxy, click the yellow button in the top right corner of the settings panel.


  6. To fully disable the Proxy Switcher and Manager in the browser, click on the “Extensions” icon in the top right corner and deactivate the toggle in the opened window.


With these steps, the Proxy Switcher and Manager extension is active and ready for use with the configured proxy server for safe browsing and web surfing.