What to choose? Personal IPv4 or Mobile 3G, 4G, LTE proxies?

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Using personal IPv4 and mobile 3G, 4G, LTE proxies, you can bypass restrictions on access to the network and effectively promote your accounts on social networks, visit blocked sites of bookmakers and receive bonuses for registering new accounts. Proxies guarantee complete anonymity and are suitable for any resources, and for SMM-specialists they are an important working tool. In this article, we will tell you how personal and mobile proxies differ, and what type is best for social networks and bookmaker services.

Advantages and disadvantages of mobile and private proxies

Benefits of Personal Proxy Addresses:

  • stable connection speed;
  • order sending only to a buyer;
  • support HTTPS and SOCKS;
  • a high degree of anonymity;
  • if they are blocked, they do not harm the audience and other users.

The disadvantages of personal proxies - they can very quickly die after the purchase, which means they will be blocked - you will have to change the settings, buy a new IP address. Another drawback is that the buyer receives only one address in case of buying 1 proxy, and not a whole pool of addresses, as in the case with mobile ones.

The cost starts at 0.6 USD per proxy.

You need to know the difference between HTTP(S) and SOCKS5 protocols.

The main advantages of mobile proxies:

  • dynamic change of IP addresses;
  • the user gains access to the pool of addresses in which thousands of IPs are located;
  • such proxies do not die, unlike personal ones.
  • securely hide the real IP address;
  • support HTTPS and SOCKS5;
  • unlimited traffic is guaranteed and the possibility of a 24-hour web surfing;
  • a huge number of clean and trusted IP addresses.

Cons - if the mobile IP is blocked, then ordinary users that are using this IP address will have some problems.

The cost starts at 16 USD per proxy.

Mobile proxies are a universal tool, it is recommended to use them for:

  • mass registration of accounts;
  • likes and reposts in huge quantities;
  • traffic arbitrage possibilities;
  • scraping search results, publishing content;
  • specialized software for any directions.

What is the difference between mobile and personal proxies?

Buying private proxies, you get an IP address (one or more, depending on the selected quantity). IP use is static, and as soon as the system detects your IP address in case of violation of the IP, it will block it. In this case, you will have to buy a new personal proxy to continue your work.

With mobile proxies, this is not the problem at all. Mobile operators have only a few thousand unique IPv4 proxies (about 13,000-20,000 per operator), with millions of subscribers. Systems that check mobile IP addresses relate to them with high confidence, because getting the address banned thousands of ordinary users will be blocked.

So, the buyer gets access to the entire pool of addresses with which he or she can work dynamically. That is, when you visit the Facebook, your IP-address changes in time or a link call (API), and the proxy connection address specified in the program does not change. Having given a significant amount of money, you get several thousand IPs, and not only one, as is the case with personal ones.

The difference of types for promotion in Social networks: VK, Instagram, Facebook

Big social networks (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter) and bookmakers already know how to track user visits well through private proxies and interfere with the intended work of the account. For promotion on social networks, there are personally paid proxies, mobile or free. The latter are freely available on the Internet, so a large number of people use them; accordingly, the system quickly calculates a free IP and blocks it.

Choosing private proxies, it is worth remembering:

  1. For example, for Instagram, it is recommended to use 1 proxy for 1 account, since several proxies in one profile can cause suspicion on the part of the social network administration.
  2. Proxies like IPv4 should be used, such a protocol that supports the social network, but support for HTTPS and SOCKS5 does not really matter, they are supported by default.
  3. Keep in mind that the purchased proxy must match the geolocation: if you registered an account in Russia, then buy proxy of Russian, so that the network administration does not suspect you of anything.

Mobile proxies for social networks are more reliable because they periodically change their IP, and the network administration can`t exactly figure you out, but sometimes there may be problems with performing mass actions, in which case it is better to purchase personal IPv4.

The difference of proxy types for betting services

On bookmaker services, many users place bets on sports, increasing their profits due to active investments. But today, many popular offices are not available for the CIS countries, although if you have a proxy you can bypass this restriction and place bets on blocked betting sites, use matched betting schemes, register more than 1 account and receive all kinds of bonuses. Recommendations for choosing a proxy for betting services:

  1. For one account, use one IP address to avoid the risk of getting blocked or banned.
  2. Keep in mind that bypassing the block of a betting service website, the HTTPS protocol is required, which means that the proxy must support SSL encryption.
  3. You should not use free proxies for bets, as they will quickly lead to the ban.

If you want a reliable option, choose mobile proxies, and if you plan to perform multi-threaded tasks, use personal proxies. They work stably at a speed of 1 Gb/s without breaks even in multitasking mode.

On the Proxy-Seller website you can find mobile and personal proxies for various purposes: promotion of profiles on social networks, mass liking, sending direct messages, using matched betting schemes and receiving additional bonuses. You will be able to choose a proxy from more than 100 networks / 300 subnets, technical support 24/7/365, saving about 40% buying a large number of IP addresses for a long period.