What does IP and port of proxy-server means?

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Here are the most common ways to achieve this:

  • Paid proxy servers (of course, we put them on the first place). It redirects all traffic from the user`s computer, so it is almost impossible to track any traffic on the network.
  • Shared or public proxy servers - This is a type of proxy that is free and open to everyone on the Internet. In many countries there are a large number of public proxies, but most of them are not anonymous.
  • Anonymizers. You can choose from a variety of commercial utilities. But the traffic in the free versions of such programs will be very poor.
  • Special browser versions. With the blocks of many popular resources, the Tor browser, that works on the basis of many free proxy servers, has gained wide popularity among the world. The option is far from ideal, but if there is no other way out, it is quite good to use it.

Address and port of the proxy server: understanding the basics

Everything is clear. But how to find the proxy server that is needed? To prevent some misunderstandings, let me tell you what exactly means the concept of a port and an address in a network.

Address and port of the proxy server: understanding the basics

If we draw an analogy with classical letter, through which our ancestors communicated with each other before the invention of the Internet, it turns out that the address is the From column on the letter, and the port is the to field. However, unlike traditional letter, exact values ​​are needed here, rather than general phrases like to my grandfather in the village.

The address is a set of four 3-digit numbers (from 0 to 255) of the form In fact, this is the village where we want to send the letter. Further, after the colon, there is another number in the range from 0 to 65535 - our favorite grandfather.

How to find out your proxy server and port: actually, the answer to the question

Now you know it, and we are ready to discuss the whole point. There are several possible options:

  • Service whoer.net. Entering this resource, you will receive comprehensive information about how your computer connects to the Internet. But if anonymous technology is used when you are accessing the Internet, it is almost impossible to find out the actual address of the proxy server and the port number.
  • In the browser settings. Each of the browsers has its own. So, for example, in everyone`s favorite Internet Explorer, the corresponding information is hidden here: Internet Options - Connection - Settings.
  • In the OS settings. It depends on the version of Windows and the user experience of the person who is setting it up. If the correct hands.sys driver was used (occasionally), then in Windows 10 this information is located at the following address: Settings - Network and Internet - Proxy.

How to find out your proxy server and port: actually, the answer to the question

After the proxy address was determined (or this proxy was not written at all), often the user comes to the conclusion that it would be possible to change the server to a more reliable one. Here we are ready to give one obvious, but not used by everyone advice

... choose the paid proxy server!

It is much more stable from free ones, so if you want to preserve anonymity while surfing the internet - you should prefer them. Simply, such server will function longer, and the possibility of its sudden shutdown is extremely small (after all, you paid for this service!). You can buy a proxy from many providers, there are a lot of them now, but pay attention to the stability of the proxy server.

Free-version is also a good option, but, if you are using it - you actually trust your network traffic security to someone who does not even protect it. And if we compare such a scheme of connection with a paid proxy server, all the parameters of which are initially known, there are much fewer arguments in favor of cheese. If the stability for you is not an empty sound. All proxies that we provide are completely anonymous.

The main types of proxy servers

  • CGI is a simple proxy server for web surfing. Unlike the others, this type does not require any settings: you go to a special site, enter the desired URL - and the proxy opens this address in the browser as a new tab. At the same time, CGI often display pages incorrectly and work only within an open tab, which is not always convenient.
  • HTTP - proxy designed to work with the hypertext transfer protocol. Simply, suitable for full-fledged viewing sites. If you connect such proxy in the operating system settings, it will be active for all browsers at once, until you disable it.
  • HTTP(S) - proxy with SSL encryption support. They differ from the previous type in that it gives you a possibility to browse secure sites (their addresses begin with https).
  • SOCKS4, SOCKS5 - support additional data transfer protocols. It may be necessary if you want to configure a proxy not only for the browser, but also for individual applications.

The main types of proxy servers

You can use our proxies with almost any application that supports HTTP / HTTPS and Socks5 connection types. It will be useful for you to learn what is the difference of the HTTP, HTTPS and SOCKS 5 protocols.

Several detailed answers about Proxy-Seller provider

There are two authorization methods - by login and password and by the main IP. We offer both options, or even both by the same time. When you purchase an order, you are able to choose the authorization method that you need on the order form.

We send the order in the format of the list: proxy, ports, login and password by email(We send every order in 20-30 minutes, after payment is confirmed). Our proxies do not require the installation of any third-party software, just configure them in your browser to get started. But at the same time, our proxies can be used in any software of your choice. Our proxies are compatible with most programs that support it.

We remind you that you cannot use our proxies for hacking, brute, etc. If your software has no input fields for the proxy login and password, you can request a change of authorization by the main IP. We do not block any sites on the proxy servers, but any activity that violates the terms of the user agreement of our resource entails terminating the proxy server and the inability to return any funds.

So, we have told not only about how to find the proxy server and port, but also a lot of related useful information. We were glad to help you.