How to farm Facebook accounts for ads

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Facebook account farming is an integral part of preparing accounts to run ads. Without warming them up beforehand, you will inevitably face the problem of your accounts being blocked. To avoid such a situation, Facebook Ads accounts must be prepared. But how to farm Facebook accounts properly to run multiple Facebook ads? Let's figure it out.

What is Facebook account farming and why is it important

To answer the question of how to grow a Facebook account, first, we need to understand what the process means. Farming Facebook ads accounts is all about preparing them for work. Facebook advertising is set up in such a way that you can't just run ads from a newly created account, and most likely you will get your account restricted, so to avoid being subject to such restrictions you need to try to convince Facebook's algorithms that you are a real person. You can do this in one simple way - perform various simple actions that are performed by all users of newly created accounts. This kind of social media account manipulation is exactly what helps convince Facebook that it's okay for you to run ads.

So FB account farming is not just desirable, it's a necessary process, but by performing all the necessary actions you can ensure your account a long life. But you may also have a reasonable assumption that since it's such a popular request, you can likely just buy an already-farmed Facebook account. It seems logical, but unfortunately, it's not that simple here either. First of all, not all suppliers farm Facebook accounts in good faith, and even when buying expensive accounts you'll still have to farm them yourself additionally. Anyone who has been working in this sphere for a long time will recommend you to farm from the same IP address, which is a problem when buying accounts.

Therefore, if you want to be sure that your accounts will be a hundred percent okay - it is recommended to farm them yourself, or also to additionally farm purchased accounts, no matter how much they were pre-warmed according to your supplier. And what else you may need for farming, we will also deal with further. But first, let's get a handle on what types of Facebook accounts are on the market.

Selecting best options among Facebook accounts

So what are the types of ads Facebook accounts and which Facebook account to buy? If you decide to try purchased accounts, then they are also different in the market:

  • Self-Registered - accounts that have been manually registered and warmed up. This indicates that some person was manually engaged in all the necessary stages - from account creation to its complete warm-up and preparation for the launch of advertising. Usually, such accounts are the most expensive, but there is also the important factor of proxy servers on which accounts are registered. If we try to reduce it to a short recommendation - you should choose those accounts that were registered with Mobile or Residential proxies because the IP addresses of these proxies most closely match the IP addresses of real users, which practically guarantees that there will be no problems with the account because of proxies. The location of the proxy is also very important - usually, the highest trust factor is in proxies of European locations and proxies of the USA.
  • Auto-registered - accounts that are created automatically with the help of various programs. The content of such accounts can also be different, sometimes they contain only the most necessary information in the profile, and in others - various details such as avatar, place of study or work, various interests and other sections are also filled. All of this in any case increases the trust factor of the account, so the more information in the profile, the better it is for the account.
  • PVA accounts - this type is the same as auto-registered ones, but sellers often highlight them separately due to its main feature. In fact, these are accounts created with the help of specific software, such as PVA Creator for example. The main feature of these accounts is that the seller has already phone-verified them, and when purchasing you will also receive access to the SMS activation service containing the verified number. When choosing such accounts you need to pay attention to the same criteria that are relevant for auto-registered ones, specifically the content of the profiles. With the help of PVA Creator you can create accounts in bulk, but each supplier who makes accounts in this program can also fill the accounts differently. Quite often this option is the most attractive in terms of price, but when choosing it be prepared that you will have to fulfill at least some part of the information in the profile yourself, and you will most likely have to do the warm-up yourself.
  • Leased - these are the accounts of a real person who gives their profile to you to use for your needs. Leased accounts are characterized by the fact that you usually work with the owner of the account at the same time, just the owner himself is engaged in his routine in the profile, and you are engaged in the business you need, for example, the launch of advertising. This is perhaps one of the best options on the market, as the owner of such an account is essentially engaged in farming and maintaining its activity by performing the daily routine. But usually, such accounts are extremely expensive, as they require the owner to give you full access to the account, and not all account owners are willing to do that. Also, a person can leave an old Facebook account for sale, and if you have the opportunity to change the login details and you will be sure that you are the only user, then, in this case, it is probably the best option, because not all vendors are honest and some sell the account in multiple hands for more profit.
  • Unlocked after banning advertising activity - quite an interesting option among Facebook accounts. Sometimes, an account may get banned from Facebook advertising activity, but once it's unlocked after a certain period, the account can run ads again. Many experienced arbitrageurs often use this option, because the account after such unblocking has a certain margin of safety, which allows you to run more advertising campaigns, so such a ban in the future can benefit the launch of advertising.
  • Brute-forced and Logs - These types of accounts can be combined into one category, as both of these types mean that the account was obtained through cracking or simple password mining. The Trust Factor of such accounts is good, as usually the user had time to warm up the account properly before the cracking, but you should always keep in mind that the owner may try to recover such an account and you will lose access to it. Also, a problem here might be that such accounts are also often resold by vendors to several users, so you may run into problems when running ads on a seemingly well-farmed account.

We recommend either choosing manually created accounts or ones that you can rent from a real user if your budget allows and automatically registered accounts are also a good option but in case you are sure of the quality of accounts from a certain supplier, or you are ready to farm them yourself after purchase. We explained how such accounts are created in bulk in a previous article.

What is required except Facebook accounts

Next, no matter whether you decide to register accounts yourself or buy ready-made ones, you need to get some more things to make the whole process work correctly. Let's start with the two most basic and important things:

  • Proxy servers: Since you are going to use more than one account from your device, you need to have one static proxy for each of your accounts, or in the case of mass account registration you will need a Mobile Proxy. Facebook mustn't recognize fake accounts, so the selection of proxies should be approached with special attention, so the question of what proxy to choose for Facebook is an important one because often just the wrong choice of proxies leads to blocked accounts or a big loss of money if you do not know the best options for your task. On our site, you can find all possible types of proxies and we will be able to suggest the best proxy for your task.
  • Anti-detect browsers: After you have purchased proxies, you need to use special programs in which you can create separate profiles for each proxy and your account, as well as make a unique fingerprint of the device so that Facebook will not recognize an attempt of multi-accounting from one device. Therefore, the need for anti-detect browsers is no less than for proxies. There are also many options when choosing such a browser, the price will depend on the number of profiles required and other individual factors such as the operating system, for example. A good option would be the Adspower browser, as it usually suits almost all arbitrageurs for their tasks.

The need for a proxy and antidetect browser for Facebook ads is quite obvious, because for social media account manipulation and working with multiple profiles simultaneously, you need to have separate IP addresses for each account, and accordingly separate profiles in antidetect browsers with unique device fingerprints. But when dealing with how to verify Facebook accounts - what else you might need in preparation?

  • SMS activation services or virtual numbers: Phone-verified Facebook accounts increase your account's Trust factor, so don't neglect to buy virtual numbers or one-time SMS activators, quite often they can extend the life of your account. All you need in such a case is to receive an SMS from Facebook and confirm it.

Also quite important is the collection of cookies, and it is desirable to do this before you start the process of warming up the account itself. If you want your account to serve you for a long time and also to protect the account as much as possible from being blocked, you need to pre-collect cookies on various sites. Finding out which ones is easy enough: many sites have Pixel Facebook. There are quite a few such sites, you can find more information on the internet about which sites fit into this category, but in general, most of the major websites have Pixel Facebook.

Cookies are collected by visiting these sites, and Facebook will study this information to offer you suitable advertising, which is exactly what you need. Facebook and many other major services are also very suspicious of accounts that do not have cookies. Do not forget that it is highly recommended to do this, because when you create a new profile in anti-detect browsers it will be completely clean, so if you register a new account and do not have cookies prepared in advance, be ready for certain problems with the account.

In case you do not have time for such manipulations - you can buy cookies. Such service is also available, but if you want to be fully confident that everything will be done properly - it is better to do it yourself.

You should visit these sites gradually, a few each day, and it is desirable to visit about 20 such sites. Also, do not try to do it all in one day, as this collection of cookies also has a detrimental effect on the accounts themselves.

The process of Facebook account farming

Now, having sufficiently immersed ourselves in the topic and prepared everything necessary, we can deal with the question of how to prepare FB accounts for ads. Each person who is engaged in farming accounts himself, has a certain algorithm. But the principle is the same for all users - to imitate the behavior of a real user as realistically as possible.

The recommended algorithm for warming up accounts is as follows:

  • Day one: First of all, once you have logged in to an already created account, immediately check if all the necessary information about you is filled in, the account should resemble a real person, so don't skip the sections that you wouldn't skip in your profile.

    Be sure to set up a profile photo.

    Next, it is recommended to subscribe to 3-5 different groups and make some posts there. Dating groups are good for this purpose, especially if you have a female account. Most likely, your posts in such groups will not go unnoticed and several users will want to add you as a friend, write you a personal message, or reply to a comment in the group. This is exactly what you need.

  • Day two: Add some more people as friends, from 20 to 30 will be enough. It is also recommended to add people from the same region so that Facebook realizes that most likely you are related to them by region or location. Be sure to accept all friendship requests, if there are any. Subscribe to a few more groups, up to 10 will also be enough. Add a profile picture as well, it will gradually need to be filled with photos, on different days.
  • Day three: Then you just need to do your standard social activity - scroll through the feed and leave comments for people under their posts, up to 5 such comments will be enough. Like photos, and repost posts from communities. Also at this stage, you can gradually start replying to messages that came to you in private messages, if you left them in dating groups on the first day then at least a few messages you should have received.

    Next, do some of the same actions you did on the previous days - join various groups, leave comments and publish new posts in your profile, add some photos to your profile.

    Each day you can increase the number of friend requests you send and the number of groups you join. But it is also recommended not to do it too aggressively, increase the number by 10-15 requests per day more than the last day, it will be enough.

  • Day four: Then continue to do all the same Add 10-15 people as friends more than it was yesterday, accept friend requests if there are any, subscribe to groups, in the feed like photos and pictures, and repost publications from groups.

All of this fits the definition of "simulating real user behavior". It is desirable to do this for 15 to 20 minutes a day, one such visit will be enough, but it is recommended to do the process several times a day if you have such an opportunity. You don't need to touch the AdsManager section though, as Facebook may view this with suspicion.

We described a usual four-day warm-up method that is quite often used by arbitrageurs. Remember that you can modernize this farming process and add any elements that you think may help in the process of emulating human behavior on Facebook. But also remember that this should be done carefully, as any abnormal activity on new accounts is immediately triggered by Facebook algorithms.

But the farming process doesn't end there, you need to continue your daily actions until you have ads on your profile. Usually takes about two weeks for a single account, but timelines can vary. The main indication that your account is ready for launch is the appearance of ads on your profile that Facebook has started to show you. This indicates that all your previous manipulations were not in vain and you have convinced the platform that the account owner is a real person. Until it's not there - your account isn't ready to run your ads.

For these ads to start appearing faster, you need to either subscribe to different thematic groups as well as visit different sites outside of Facebook from the same anti-detect browser profile, which will also encourage the algorithms to generate your interests for the account faster. If we look at which groups to subscribe to, it is best to choose something related to products, or different brands (e.g. clothing, appliances). The bigger the brands, the better, the algorithms will be able to identify you more quickly as a target customer and thus run your ads according to your preferences for this profile.

If we look at what sites to visit, then almost all large services, marketplaces, and stores will suit you. Usually Facebook collects information about your visit to such sites and also looks at what exactly interests you on these resources. The principle here is the same as with groups - the bigger the sites, the better. But if you want to automate this part of the farm, there are already ready-made templates at ZennoPoster, which just visit the necessary sites independently. Many users can automate the process for your task, you just need to provide all the information about how the farm process is happening at your place and what is required from the performer. You can find such users on the Zennolab forum.

Facebook itself has a section called "Ad Preferences" and another special section where you can see activity outside of Facebook, so after a while of farming you'll start to see information there as well.

So now let's break down how to test these advertising interests:

  1. Go to Settings & Privacy, Settings.
  2. 1.png


  3. Go to "Your Facebook information" and the "View your profile information" section.
  4. 2.png

  5. Next, select the information on "Logged information", and select "Ads Interests".
  6. 3.png

  7. You should see a window where you can see a variety of interests that Facebook has allocated to you. The more of these interests, the better.
  8. To check your off-Facebook activities. you need to go to the “Access Your Information” section, select "Apps and websites off of Facebook", and "Your Off-Facebook Activity".
  9. 5.png

Even if the ads appeared quickly enough, it is still recommended to let the account wait for up to 2 weeks from the moment of its registration, and then launch an advertising campaign.

Also, a separate problem may appear here - page verification/checkpoint problem. In some cases Facebook may ask you to verify your account using documents or selfies. In this case, you can try to restore access through the support service, very often it works. There are examples of templates to send to support various thematic resources on the Internet that will help you to do it correctly. You can also try to pass verification by documents, some users successfully pass it even on their own. So if your account has encountered such a problem - it is not a verdict for it, and the situation can be solved.

Overall, these are all the basic principles concerning account farming. The algorithm of work of each user may differ, but the essence is the same - to prepare the account for the launch of advertising through the formation of advertising interests on your account. If it can be done successfully, you can also try to modernize the farming system for yourself, if you think that any actions will be effective for this task. And remember - the key to quality accounts is not only successful farming but also careful selection of good proxy servers.


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